How To Style Your Hair For Winter

How To Style Your Hair For Winter

We all know the rush in the morning, be it for work, school drop off or running errands. We give you 3 simple ways to style your hair for winter. Let us know what you think and which one is your favourite.

The Twisted Up Do

Step 1: Spray your hair and back-brush it a little bit to get a lovely textured feel.

Step 2: Use a brush and comb your hair to the left side and secure it with flat bobby pins.

Step 3: Back-brush it again to keep the texture.

Step 4: Twist your hair to the other side (the right side) and fix your hair with pins at a vertical angle – this angle will help the hair stay in place.

Step 5: Leave some of the ends visible and the front of the hair loose.

Step 6: Spray your hair again to keep it in place, and you’re done!



Messy Low Ponytail with Clips Galore

Step 1: Spray your hair with texturising hairspray.

Step 2: Use curling tongs to create soft waves and then spray your hair again.

Step 3: Pull both sides of your hair together at the back so it’s level with your neck, then secure it loosely with hair-pins.

Step 4: Place your clips firmly into your hair, starting with chunkier ones on the side and thinner clips in the middle.

Step 5: Let some hair loose at the front for a relaxed style.

Step 6: Go somewhere fun and show off your fab new do!

Twisted Top Knot

Step 1: Divide your hair, leaving some hair at the front and brush the remaining hair up to create a high ponytail.

Step 2: For the front hair, use narrow curling tongs to create a few loose curls.

Step 3: Divide the ponytail into two sections

Step 4: Twist and wrap one section into a bun, then twist and wrap the other.

Step 5: Secure the bun in place with hair grips.

Step 6: Spray and you’re good to go!

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