How to choose a ballet class


When it comes to their children, parents want them to have the best. Exposure to sports and the arts help children to develop into well rounded young men and women. Have you thought about ballet?

Dancing is a great activity for girls and boys. A lot of research is bringing stunning results. Scientists can now affirm that ballet increases the development of children’s bodies by 40%, and slows down the ageing of the body by 40% after age 50. “Silver Swans” are starting everywhere; Angela Rippon has been promoting this new RAD venture with great success.

Ballet, Blandine Lamaison,

Ballet dancers make it look effortless as they move across the stage, from lifts to pointe work. Your child can also be a part of this through the practice of classical ballet.  

Ballet for Boys was also rediscovered partly thanks to the immense success of Billy Elliot. Did you know that it is becoming “a must” for football and rugby teams who are now learning the benefits of controlled movement to lengthen or strengthen muscles? Ballet will help children who start young with all sports. Skills and coordination acquired during childhood and adolescence remain in our physical memory throughout our lifetime. In ballet classes, your child’s co-ordination lateralisation and balance will develop. Group discipline will gently be established as your child learns to share and take turns.

In an environment where creativity is favoured, your child will enjoy mimed songs, free dance, improvisation and childhood stories. Through playful exercises using percussions, a child will gradually feel and understand musical time and rhythms.

Ballet, Blandine Lamaison,

British organisations such as the RAD and ISTD lead the world in terms of dance education as they have devised teaching programs for “once week amateurs” through to vocational students, as well as Teacher Training Courses.  It is most important for parents to choose a school where teachers are properly trained as teachers, fully qualified and registered with one of the main bodies in the UK. Be wary of schools where teachers are introduced as “ballerinas”. Being a professional dancer is entirely different from being a trained teacher who study physiology and child’s development to teach children safely. Lets draw a parallel: can an accomplished writer teach little children how to read and write in a classroom?

About La Syvlaine and Wendy Bell School of Dance

At La Sylvaine and Wendy Bell School of Dance, your children will be looked after and taught in a warm and caring environment, by fully qualified and very experienced teachers, all of whom are RAD registered. Our schools are part of a large international family, founded in Paris in 1930. Many students have become renowned dancers and performers but most importantly, your children will be nurtured to develop self-confidence and a love of dance for life. Most carry on dancing for 15 years and further. in Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Hammersmith.

It has recently been broadly announced in newspapers and social media that Prince George will start Ballet in his school. Do not hesitate to follow his example for your children!