Healthy lifestyle for both kids and parents

This week’s contributing article is by local Mum of one Juliana Campos. Juliana is a Brazilian exercise coach who has been active in London for many years although she recently returned after a few years living and working for the Royal family in Abu Dhabi, being responsible for keeping them healthy and fit.

Always having had a passion for health and fitness Juliana has resumed her business in London after being away and she coaches’ clients in the Kensington and Chelsea area. She is active both at health clubs as well as at clients’ home and focus on body weight and functional training, fit dance classes as well as pre and postnatal training.

She can identify with most of the challenges any mother faces in terms of finding time to fit all activities during the week. As a single mother Juliana is busy raising her daughter, Isabella, whilst working and building her business.

I have long days with preparations, school run, pick up, after school activities, cooking, and looking after the house so there is little time to spare as I also have my business to run. I work with training people so it’s important for me to stay fit and healthy. I also don’t want my daughter to be consumed by playing with iPad and watching TV so I encourage her to do many activities and sports.

I am lucky that Isabella shares my love for gymnastics, dance and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) and this has inspired me to find ways, despite a lack of time, for us both to enjoy time together, where it also allows me to stay in shape.

Almost every day we manage to do something active together, we either go to one of the parks in the area, exercise/dance at home or visit some landmarks in the city whilst having fun with exercise. There are lots of simple things we can do in the area and the variety makes it fun for both of us.

As another initiative to inspire and keep kids healthy Juliana has devised training classes for kids (JCFitKids). At the moment she teaches this once a week and it’s proving to be very popular with the little ones. It is a combination of dance, martial arts and flexibility exercises all aimed to make it fun.


I find that many of the activities our children are involved in to be very serious and demanding. I want these classes to be a space where the kids can have fun but at the same time in a controlled environment, where there is a thought behind the activities we do. What I teach helps make them stronger and fitter both physically and mentally. This will also help with their concentration at school.

During breakfast and/or dinner I also try to engage with Isabella, we make healthy food fun. I do this by involving her in the creation of dishes that she looks forward to eating.


These are examples of how I try to combine my needs as a parent and my daughters to stay healthy and fit and I hope it can work as inspiration for other mothers out there!


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