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 About the journal

During the current isolation and social distancing time we are living in, we couldn’t have asked for a better tool for our children than the Happy Confident Me Super Journal.  We all had our struggles as parents before this worldwide pandemic, and now it’s even tougher on us.

Let me introduce you to the Happy Confident Me Super Journal that should, as it did for our reviewer families, improve the happiness and confidence in your children  – and therefore your own family – during this tough time, and beyond.

The Happy Confident Company believes “that emotional intelligence and life skills such as confidence and resilience are first developed at home.” And we can attest to this after our reviewer families are already seeing the marvelous benefits from this journal. 

We cannot recommend this journal enough, and have negotiated a 20% discount off the Super Journal for the Kensington Mums community to help you access to this fabulous journal that will help both you and your children build lifelong skills together!

Kensington Mums reviews

Please see below what KensingtonMums team have to say after using this AMAZING journal.

Luisa, mother of two

When our journal arrived, my 8 year old picked it up straight away! And got stuck into it. The instructions on how to use it and complete it are simple and fun, my daughter didn’t need any help from me. It gives a child the feeling of control and independence. It’s an activity they chose to complete by themselves and makes them feel confident and powerful.
We often talk about emotions but children find it hard to explain how they feel. And as adults we try and brush our feelings off, we don’t want them to see us stressed or upset. Being able to write about it and discuss it it’s a great lesson for life! And even more important at a moment like this, when the children routines have changed so much and it’s hard for parents to recognize which feelings are hidden behind a change in behaviour.

Caroline, mother of one

This journal is such a wonderful tool both for children and parents.
My son and I are enjoying reading and writing in it, especially during this isolation time we are currently living. It is amazing all the doors and possibilities this journal opens and offers. Most of the time children have a hard time or are at a loss for words to express their feelings, what they are curious about, questions they would want to have answers for and can’t find them or just feel overwhelmed. This journal helps make them feel confident and can be their happy place when there’s so much they want to say and we as sometimes parents don’t have enough time to hear them out or basically don’t know how to talk to them or help me with a specific issue/situation that they are going through.
It is a great tool to assist parent on how to help their children understand themselves and most important boost their confidence and therefore allow them to feel proud of any or all their accomplishments. Understanding that they are “perfectly imperfect”!
Every parent wants their children to always be confident, stronger, calm and happier and The Happy and Confident Me Super Journal will definitely provide the right path to this goal! I honestly can’t thank enough for creating such a useful journal. A must have!!!

Kia, mother of two

The ‘Happy Confident Me Super Journal’ is a great way to connect with your children, especially during this time when their emotions may be struggling as they may be experiencing different emotions they haven’t felt before. My son (8) explained to me the other day that he felt funny and didn’t know what it meant. The book helped us find out under the worry box page that he felt frustrated and angry at having to be indoors and not being able to play football and see his friends.
My daughter (6) has found the book really nice to fill in with me, and finds it helpful to express her feelings and write down what she’s good at to give herself confident and what her feelings make her feel inside. Its a great daily activity to spend 5/10 mins doing every day with the children to make sure they know its good to talk about how they feel each day and how to express themselves, and also that its ok not to feel ok all the time and you should acknowledge that.

Kensington Mums want you and your family to remember that during all the unpleasant and emotional headlines plus stories we were fuelled on a daily basis with this journal you can create memories helping raise happy and confident children!

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