Gallery Mess

Kensington Mums was proud to review Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery located in the Duke of York Square. We were running a little late after a very long working day, so we called the Gallery Mess  to let them know and the staff on the phone were very friendly and understanding. They were helpful and confirmed that we would still be able to have the afternoon tea even though we would be arriving right on the deadline of what is their ‘Tea time’.

We arrive at the place all rushed and looking exhausted, following a day of meetings all over Chelsea. When we entered the Gallery all of our stress and worries disappeared. At the entrance, there was the most beautiful composition of white flowers that surround big double glass doors. As it was late evening by the time we arrived it was dark outside and there were lots of candles all over entrance of the building making it very inviting, warm and romantic.


When we went inside the place was busy without being packed, which was nice as it added atmosphere and a certain buzz to the place. The staff welcomed us, politely taking us through the Tea menu. We order Earl Grey and Wild Berry teas, which came accompanied by two tiers of traditional English sandwiches and sweet delights.

We decided to start eating the savoury sandwiches. There was classic English cucumber on white bread, smoked salmon and delicious creamy coronation chicken sandwiches both served on brown bread.

The tea itself was delicious. The Earl Grey was just as you would expect it to be at a high-end English establishment and the Wild Berry was lovely and sweet but not too much.

We were presented with mini strawberry cream cupcakes, which tasted as good as they looked, a dark chocolate tart which ‘married’ perfectly with the macaroons but our favourite were the scones, perfectly cooked with a slight crunch on the outside whilst soft and still warm on the inside, the clotted cream that just melted when you put it on the scones and the jam made it the perfect dessert, you just couldn’t fault them, a divine indulgent experience.

When we finished our tea we asked if we would like to tour the place. There was so much interesting art around that we found ourselves stopping several times to take it all in and appreciate our surroundings. The exposed brick walls inside the place give it a cosy and warm feel and all the art around you gives it the extra special touch.

We have to mention one of our favourite rooms, which was the amazing bathroom. They are clean and creative, with a wall made of real hand soap.  We just found that there was so much to see and appreciate about the place.

Gallery Mess is not only for afternoon Tea. It is a beautiful and vibrant venue to go to for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a venue for lunch, dinner, tea or just a drink, you pick the time of day and Gallery Mess will not let you down. While you are there, a visit to the Saatchi Gallery is a must for a bit of contemporary art which is all very accessible with a pram so very baby friendly.