Father Christmas in Belgravia!

There is nothing more magical for children at Christmas time than meeting the man himself. Arriving at 25 Elizabeth Street we are welcomed by the Elves – they take time to ask the children a few questions before guiding them in a magical living room where Santa himself is sitting and calling their names!

The look in their eyes is priceless.

Santa’s living room is a magical place: bookshelves, a beautiful tree and sofas and chairs. After a chat and the obligatory picture, the children take place on a sofa and Santa and his lead Elf reads a beautiful Christmas story. Music is playing in the background and even the fussiest child is quiet, completely enraptured by the magic of the moment.

Father Christmas in Belgravia

But the best part is yet to come!

Santa has a little treat for each and everyone but – wait a minute! – he forgot his bag on the roof! Never mind, the elves enter the chimney (what a lovely touch!) and come back with a basket full of beautiful gingerbread men.
It’s time to leave, unfortunately. But what a beautiful half an hour it has been!
And what’s even more amazing is that all proceeds go to charity, the Beanstalk foundation that supports children struggling with learning to read by training and placing volunteers in schools. Doing good while feeling good, what a beautiful Christmassy feeling.