Family friendly workout with Juliana Campos

I remember someone once telling me, ‘happy mummy makes a happy family’ and I totally believe that.

I am a mum of 2. My son is two and a half years old and my daughter is 5 months old. Since I had my son, it’s been difficult to find time for myself but with time and some help I managed to get back to finding some time for me. But since becoming a mum of two I just don’t seem to manage as well. The good intentions are there but it is tough to put them into action.

One of the things I miss the most is exercise. I am desperate to get back in shape but struggling to find the time.  Several people told me to exercise at home, around my children.  I wasn’t so sure but I thought I’d give it a try, which is when I was introduced to Juliana Campos.


It was wonderful to meet Juliana. She is an enthusiastic mum and personal trainer, originally from Brazil, who has been active in London for over 10 years now.  With a passion for health and fitness, she keeps active by teaching and training in health clubs as well as at clients’ homes. She focuses on body weight and functional training, fit dance classes as well as pre and postnatal training. Being a mum herself, she understands the post natal struggles a mother can face and has the ability and expertise to design workouts for you and the whole family to enjoy together.

The moment I saw Juliana outside my flat, while she was getting all the equipment together for our session, I knew I was in for a fun time. Her SEXY looking car, her big smile and colourful outfit put me in a great mood and I was excited to start.


She walked in and met my husband and children before we started.

The class started with a little boxing warm up session, which was a great.  My daughter watched from her baby-Bjorn bouncing chair whilst my son wanted to get involved and punch a little. Juliana was very friendly to him and let him take part in the exercise.



Following the warm up Juliana measured my body fat. She started with my arms then my belly, my waist, hips and bust. She used a tool I had never seen before – apparently a very accurate tool used to measure body fat. She explained she always uses this when she starts with a new client as well as taking pictures for ‘before and after’ to evaluate results after her training course.


We followed by doing sit-ups; press ups and ‘step’ by using my living room sofa. I never thought of using my sofa as exercise bench but it actually worked perfectly which I’m really happy about as its in the perfect place close to my daughters play mat and the TV in our living room which means I can now exercise while my little ones are busy playing or relaxing in front of a cartoon.



It was great to learn to use my own home furniture to help me with exercises but that wasn’t the only new thing I learned thanks to Juliana. In fact I also worked out using my little girl as ‘weight’ that we both enjoyed thoroughly. The first exercise was to work my arms. I held my daughter from her underarms, facing me and lifted her up and then back down in a shoulder press movement. My girl found it so much fun every time I lifted her she gave me a big smile and when she came back down she giggled as I gave her a kiss. I could feel my arms working hard but I was distracted by my daughter’s cute giggle, which definitely made the pain easier to handle. Another exercise I did holding her was squats. This time I had to hold her close to my body and with her giving my back to slowly squat up and down.



Juliana then showed my husband exercises to do with the kids as well.

She asked him to get in press up position and then put my son on his back and my daughter on a mat under him so my son would have fun going up and down whilst my daughter would feel part of this as well as getting a kiss every time they went down. Then the same with just one child or the other. 

ed and kids

Ed sienna

Another type of exercise she showed me was the lunge. Note that this exercise is recommended to do whilst the baby is on its sling (baby-Bjorn or whatever type you use), this way the baby is safely ‘attached’ to you whilst you lunge up and down and move forward. The exercise works both your legs and your glutes (bum) and the added weight of the baby is great addition if you want to make the workout a little harder.

Getting the children involved was great as it made them feel part of something we were doing, which most kids love. It got my son very curious and interested in moving around and wanting to copy what we were doing.


Juliana is the perfect trainer for busy mums or those who don’t have childcare looking after their little ones for them to take some time off to train. Juliana comes to you, wherever you are she will bring all her equipment and positive energy to ensure you get the most out of your hour with or without your children around. But for those of you who prefer training outdoors or in a studio and without your children, Juliana does that too.

Juliana also introduced me to the best waist definition belt, which I have been using on a daily basis since we met (approx. 1 month now). I must say it has worked wonderfully for me. The belt can be used whilst exercising or whilst doing normal everyday activities. It works by closing tightly around your waist and helping your body keep its correct posture.

waist band

I had been looking for one for a long time after having had my daughter because the one I had been given after giving birth to my son didn’t really work out for me. The one I had tried had Velcro to keep it together which made it difficult for me to tighten as much as possible and wasn’t very comfortable underneath clothes which meant I would only end up using it at home. This one instead is very much like a corset with two sets of small hooks at the front to ‘close it’ depending on how tight you want it.

It’s a great item, easy to put and comfortable to wear. It makes everything you wear look amazingly on and keeps you feeling slim and well postured. Its not too tight but once you take it off in the evening you feel slimmer and when I look at myself in the mirror my belly definitely looks and is slimmer and my whole body more defined.

All in all I couldn’t have been happier with everything I learned with Juliana. I have actually used my sofa as an exercise bench since our class and my son has repeatedly reminded me of the things we did that day. I look forward to keeping up the training, for Juliana to come re-measure my body fat and for her to take some ‘after’ pictures. I also think I will see Juliana again for my son, I would like for him to start a more serious exercise in the next couple of years and I believe Juliana would be be a great instructor for him.

But for now, Kensington Mums are excited to invite you all to a FREE family fitness experience with Juliana Campos. This will take place in Holland Park on Saturday 11th June 2016. Please check our events page for more information and to reserve your place.