Entertaining your toddler this summer with The Happy Toddler

The countdown to the summer holidays is well and truly on. Whilst children will be avidly awaiting hours of free play and fun, parents may be fretting over how to keep their children entertained for that amount of time and also how to keep a lid on the cost of such entertainment.

Although we are all anticipating weeks of sunshine stretched out in front of us with long, leisurely picnics and adventures outdoors with buckets and spades, the reality is often somewhat different. Those drizzly days can leave parents unsure as to how to keep their little ones occupied indoors but this is actually the perfect time to get the craft box out with your children and let their imaginations run wild.

Today’s featured article has been contributed by Laura, Mum of two and blogger of The Happy Toddler. She shares with us her of top 5 fuss-free crafts to enjoy with your toddler at home this summer.

  1. Window art.

We bought some foam shapes from the local crafts shop, dipped them in water and had great fun making different window displays. This was a good opportunity to discuss the shapes and colours as we went along.

2. Toilet roll octopus.

Hang on to your kitchen and toilet rolls. They make great additions to your craft box and can be used to make this charming little octopus.  We simply painted the toilet roll, shaped and decorated the legs and then attached goggly eyes. You could also decorate with sequins, gems or whatever else you have lying around.


3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar apple and cork printing.

We have always enjoyed reading Eric Carle’s stories so this seemed like the perfect craft to build on this. We used half an apple to print the face and a cork to print the rest of the body. Then we added the obligatory goggly eyes for an extra fun factor!


4. Fork painting

We used a fork instead of a paintbrush to create a different effect and from this decided to make a lion. Fork painting is great for creating different flowers and also would be a fun technique to use to create other pictures, such as a hedgehog.

 5. Cheerio worm

Just pipecleaners, a pompom, Cheerios and goggly eyes are all you really need for this fun activity. It is a great way to practise those fine motor skills and my toddler definitely enjoyed eating some as she went along!


Laura, is the founder and editor of The Happy Toddler. She created The Happy Toddler when her second daughter was born. It came into fruition whilst she was trying to juggle the newborn days with a busy toddler. She needed to find fuss free crafts and activities they could enjoy at home together so that she could also tend to the needs of her baby daughter.You can find her on Instagram @thehappytoddler and you can read her blogs on all things toddler related at www.thehappytoddler.co.uk