Children’s party showcase at Bulgari Hotel

Kensington Mums was proud to invite our members to a private NEVER LAND children party showcase at The Bulgari hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge last week. Several days before any guests had arrived, the Bulgari Hotel impeccable ballroom was busy being transformed into the island of Never Land – utilising the popular story of Peter Pan.
To set the atmosphere, up to 600 guests were transported through dimly lit entrance, to be greeted in Darling toy room before entering through to The lost boy’s camp, where the magic began…

Heading deep into the spectacular dreamlike Never Land, eyes lit up to the sight of a truly impressive centrepiece 
of ‘captains Hook’s enchanted pirate ship’ itself – where guests gathered around to see performances led by Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell – which captured the children’s imagination and spurred them to ‘Never grow up’ and all they need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust………

                                                                                      Picture credit: Christopher Webb

Parents to fussy eaters had no fear, there were a whole array of food for the children to choose from – fish fingers, mini cucumber sandwiches, bite sized burgers, petite pizzas, mini quiches, medley of vegetables and never can fail, bowls of chips.
Later on, the children flocked to the colourful sweetie table where the pastry team had created a giant cake in the shape of a Peter Pan hat, surrounded by mushroom marshmallows, gold chocolate pops and Peter Pan cupcakes and freshly made macaroons.


There was so much to keep little ones entertained, from face painting, balloon bubbles, hair braiding, art and crafts or to visit the mystical mermaid in the mermaids cove – whilst children with a little more energy to burn, head to the lost boys camp to seek out an adventure and were meet by the charming Lost Boy’s where they sang and playing games – leaving adults to relax and to enjoy a glass or two of bubbly and a selection of smoked salmon bilinis, arancini balls, samosas canapés all brought over to hand by the dedicated serving team.

To unwind from the magical adventures the hotels private cinema served as a snug den to screen the Disney’s classic Peter Pan.

Everyone left with a mischievous yet innocent smile, and a little bottle of pixie dust in their goodies bag to boot – as you’ll never know when you might bump into Captain Hook!



Thank you all for coming to this magical event and stay tuned for more events and meet ups. Make sure you have downloaded our free app available on iTunes and Google Play so that you will never miss a scoop, or why not just subscribe to our mailing list.

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