Children’s Digital Book Extraordinaire

This is a story of four great heroes sent by a very noble king frog to find an incredibly special gift for you, the reader. Of course, things don’t turn out at all as planned and you’ll never guess what our intrepid heroes return with …!

Galdo’s Gift is a new kind of digital book brought to you by two local artists fresh from their fledgling animation studio called Tapocketa. Written in rhyming verse, it’s getting kids vocal about vocabulary. Exquisitely illustrated, the characters animate on the page as the story unfolds on your screen, this fantastic book is both a feast for the eyes and a twister for the tongue.

One of the unique things about this book are the brilliant word definitions that pop up throughout the narrative. These serve to encourage kids to love new words and never before has learning tricky words been made such fun.

The authors Trevor Young and Eleanor Long will be entertaining and educating kids of all ages at the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival on the Sunday 14th May.


Pop in to the Bookshop Marquee tent at 11.00am for a one off, free performance of madness and mayhem. They promise to don their masks, trumpets and swords to give you a live rendition of the book.

Be there to find out for yourself … and even a chance to create your own hero to battle through the kingdom of Galdovia!

Let the masked mayhem begin …

More details regarding the festival at┬áBarnes Kid’s Lit Fest site