Scream Electric Cinema

At last, you can enjoy a newly released movie yes, not a children ’s movie, at the theatres with your baby!!!
The Electric Cinema has heard mums and dads  too (with flexible schedules) out there, and offers film showings where you can bring your babies along.

Everyone goes with their little ones and the good thing is that they have subtitles so even if it gets loud with the cries of your and other babies you can still follow the movie. The times I have been there I was lucky to have zoomed out from the cries and enjoyed the movie with my little one and my mum! A real treat for us, three generations.

The cinema itself is simply gorgeous – it is for me the best-looking cinema I have ever been to. Conveniently, you can leave your push chair in the entrance or at the end of the room and sit with your baby in a super-comfy armchair or on a huge sofa in front of the screen. I highly recommend the front sofas as this is the best alternative for you to be comfortably lying down and enjoying the movie whist your little one (if he/she is as active as mine is) can have plenty of space to move around on the sofa or if you are lucky as I have been the timing is simply perfect as it is nap time for my little one. So at the end I have always been able to enjoy the movie whilst holding my sleeping little one on top of me.
You can also pre-order your food and drinks at the bar before the movie starts and then be served at your seat by the friendly staff or you can also bring in your own.

The only downside of this amazing idea is that you can only bring your baby from newborn until they are 1 year old. Hopefully, there could be other cinemas where we can go with or little ones even if they are older.

“Electric Scream” sessions are on Monday morning at 11:00 am in Portobello and Tuesday morning in Shoreditch. Reservation by telephone only.

Other Details…
Costs  £17.50 for a Single Armchair or £28.00 for a Front Row Bed for two people sharing.
Age Ranges – Newborn – 1 year old