Bluebird Chelsea tiny tea | Review

Bluebird Chelsea has a restaurant, cafe and outdoor courtyard area with a fabulously stylish restaurant/bar.  This half term, bluebird have re-introduced Tiny Tea.

Who said the mini people couldn’t do a proper play date? Fix in some time for your little ones and let them pretend to be adults for the day (better than stealing your lipstick!)…

Tiny Tea…what is it all about?

Afternoon Tea but for kids, including some of their favourite tea-time treats such as ‘Decorate your own Cupcake’, Nutella stuffed doughnut & baby fruit scones plus a mini milkshakes

Something to keep them distracted – for a few hours…

Kensington Mums reviews

We had lunch and tiny tea for the kids at the main restaurant which was luxurious but relaxing and laid back.

We sampled the lobster spaghetti which was flavourful and perfectly cooked. The grilled whole sea bass was perfectly grilled and not dry, beautifully balanced and fresh.
For sides we had broccoli and spinach.  The broccoli was great: steamed just as I like it with a bit of a crunch. For dessert we had the triple chocolate brownie that was just delicious.





Tiny Tea

The children had their first afternoon tea experience, with a selection of finger sandwiches, pastries, scones and juice. The best part was the strawberry milkshake and the cupcake they could decorate with melted chocolate, sprinkles, and fruits.
They had a so much fun decorating their own cupcakes.


Overall it was a lovely experience. Very pleasant atmosphere, delightful décor, courteous staff and wonderful food. Check out their website for more.