BLANC: Your PERSONAL Garment Care Specialists!

Kensington Mums reviews

Kensington Mums were invited to review BLANC and we so gladly did. BLANC is the natural artisan garment care specialist which offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning, alongside tailoring and laundry services, delivering a better quality clean that is kinder to your skin, your clothes and our planet.

A Kensington Mums team member shares more details about her experience.

The service experience itself was quite smooth and simple. I logged into the BLANC app to book a garment pick-up slot and delivery. I specified the type and number of items then I gave my credit card details which will not be used until after you approve the price on the phone. The cleaning service prices are listed on the app, so you know ahead what you are going to pay.

A courteous BLANC staff member showed up at my door within the promised time slot. I put my garments in the eco-friendly pack he provided me with (a fabric bag). The next day a staff member contacted me, and it turns out both jackets needed also repair services as well as cleaning services. I really liked the attention to detail and the personal service feeling. They explained in detail what was needed, how they will do it and when they will deliver back (one jacket needed more time than estimated). They went the extra mile to ensure no risk is taken with the garments. One of my jackets was at risk of shrinkage and therefore they advised that they will use traditional dry-cleaning method instead.

At the end they also confirmed the final price for me to approve. A copy of the quotation was sent to my email for reference.

Overall, the service itself is impeccable and quite unique. Both my jackets were returned in a much better condition. I was very glad since both are favorite heavy use winter jackets.

Most importantly the fact that the cleaning service is eco-friendly gives BLANC an extra star on top of their already special, personal and attentive service.

Depending on the garment and the service needed it might be slightly pricey versus your typical local dry clean on some occasions. However, it is justified by the environment friendly and personal service as well the clear attention to detail and experience in handling different garments.

Our only suggestion would be to ask the customer to approve the receipt by email rather than just over the phone to avoid any possible confusion. However, we know whom to contact for our next garment cleaning/repair services: BLANC!

BLANC was founded in 2013 by Ludovic Blanc, who wanted to build a socially driven and sustainable business that mattered, whilst improving people’s health and the environment by “cleaning up” an industry that was toxic and rather set in its ways. Ludovic recently released a call to action, encouraging other business leaders to use this time to reflect on the positive changes they can make in their private lives, in business or in politics, by considering the wider impact all of their decisions can have socially, ethically and on the planet

BLANC has replaced the toxic and likely carcinogenic chemical used by 85% of traditional dry cleaners, called perchloroethylene or PERC, with innovative health-friendly and efficient alternatives: the Woolmark-approved ‘wet clean’ technology, along with Liquid C02 cleaning, which is known to be one of the most eco-friendly processes for cleaning clothes, particularly good for stains.  BLANC is the first in the UK to implement Liquid C02 dry cleaning technology Highlighting just how toxic it is, PERC is already banned in many parts of the US, France and Denmark, although not yet here in the UK and is known for being a strong pollutant for air, water and soil, as well as irritating the skin

BLANC has just launched a new, simple and effective collection and delivery app, offer a wider reaching service. A simple and fast service that suits our current lifestyle even more. You don’t have to go to the shop at all and the pick-up and delivery slots at done according to your schedule. Most importantly you are not just dealing with an app but rather a staff member who will look after your garment and keep you informed.

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