Starting your back to school routine!

How Do You Get Back to Normal After the School Holidays?

The countdown to September has started. ‘How can it be nearly September’ is the familiar cry by parents all over the land who have survived the school holidays and are now starting to get excited but panicked at the thought of back to school and normal work routines. It’s time to start buying stationary and the annual visit to the school shoe department…

September is a time for new beginnings and a chance to start new routines or improve ones that went out of the window in July. The children are another academic year older and some are starting new schools so for some it’s all change. As you get ready and gear up for this school term think about how you can get your morning routines better organised and more productive.

back to schoolBut first we all need to get back the children and ourselves back to our normal routines. A study by Soreen has revealed that it takes children on average more than a week to get back into their school routine after their school summer holidays. So, it’s important to think about it in advance rather than the night before term starts. Read our tips here for getting children geared back up for learning.  

So how do we gear up and get back to normal after having a summer of fun, late nights no school and barely any routine?

Read our Top 10 Tips getting back to normal after the school holidays.

Back to routines

  1. It all starts with bedtime. The hardest one to get back to normal – bedtime. Try and get the children in bed 15 minutes earlier each day (depending on how far off normal they are – you might just have to change the clocks!!) to help get back to their normal bedtime and readjust their body clocks.
  2. Getting back to structured meal times, it’s great in the holidays being able to do everything when it suits and without planning but getting meal times and nutrition back to normal will help with all the other routines especially bedtime..
  3. Have they seen much of their friends over the holidays? Now is a great time to try and catch up so they can feel less apprehensive about the new school year and a little more settled before term starts. Talk to them and find out about any little niggles or worries they may have now.

Organise now!

  1. Organise and check what you need now for school now while there is still time to order online and go to the shops, don’t leave it till the last minute and a delivery that will be delayed and miss the first day back, or go to the shops on the last day of the school holidays and expect them to have the sizes and colours you need!  
  2. Out with the old in with the new use this as a chance to recycle and pass on old uniform and other clothes that do not fit or any other clothes that they will have grown out of by next Summer.

New routines?

  1. September is a perfect time to start new routines, which can also help encourage your children’s independence. We end up doing so much for our children but as they grow up they can start doing more. So, have a think about what they can do to help you. Maybe they are old enough this year to start making their packed lunch? Sort washing, putting away the dishes, clearing up after breakfast. Tidying the shoes and coats. Little things that add up for you and them.
  2. Start the term as you mean to go on, you know what it’s like at the end of term when you are literally just shoving everyone out of the door to get to school and work on time. Start a new morning routine where you are ahead of yourself and not firefighting. Reevaluate the points it goes wrong and where you need more time.
  3. For parents, maybe it’s our bedtimes too and habits that need resetting and not just the children! We fit so much into our days and evenings that maybe we need to think about switching off sooner and break some of our screen time habits that have developed over the summer… Check out our article on how to switch off here.

At work

9. If you have had a Summer of ad-hoc working from home and in the office then it’s time to get back to your normal routine and commute. Try and plan the first week back before it starts, think about any late meetings and any childcare gaps you may have and sort them now in good time. The less you have to manage the first week back the better and you’ll feel more organised too.
10. Think about yourself and your children and don’t over commit. Be realistic and only book in what you can manage its great to do after school activities and play dates but don’t over commit or you will end up exhausted. Children need time at home and so do you!

Remember you can’t do it all and it won’t always go smoothly but you are doing your best! Start getting excited about half term it’s only a few weeks away!

All the best for next school term!!

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