The Lullaby Trust develops Baby Check app

As parents, it is often a very worrying time when your baby is showing signs of illness. Babies can’t tell you how they are feeling, so it can be difficult to know how unwell they actually are.

To help parents in these situations, The Lullaby Trust has developed the Baby Check app. Designed to help parents decide how ill their baby is, the app features 19 simple questions about signs and symptoms of illness which parents check for. Each check has a score, and the scores are added up. The higher the total score the sicker the baby is likely to be.

On completion, Baby Check displays a score and one of the following messages:

“0-7 the baby is only a little unwell and should not need medical attention“

“8-12 the baby is unwell and you may wish to consult the doctor”

“13-19 the baby is ill and you should contact the doctor”

“20+ the baby is seriously ill and must be seen by a doctor straight away”.

The app was officially launched at a parliamentary event where parents, health professionals and MP’s were given the opportunity to try the app out and hear more about its development.

Young mum of two, Ellie was at the launch event and after testing the app she said: “Having something in your pocket that you can pick up and turn to when you’re unsure about your baby’s health is really great.”

GP and Mail on Sunday health columnist Dr Ellie Cannon spoke at the launch and said: “As both a parent and a GP, I understand the anxiety parents experience when their baby is unwell. Baby Check’s easy-to-follow checklist allows parents to identify their baby’s symptoms and confidently decide what level of care is necessary. Baby check is a fantastic resource for any parent who is unsure about their baby’s health.”

Baby Check is based on 4 years of research which analysed the signs and symptoms of illness in over 1,000 babies under 6 months of age. The app was developed in partnership with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and is now recommended by a number of NHS Trusts.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.