Apple & Cinnamon pancakes


1- 1cup oat flour
2- 1 egg (or 1tbsp chia seeds pre soaked in 3 tbsp water until jellyfish for vegan option)
3- 1 cup plant based milk – I used unsweetened almond milk
4- 1 whole apple
5- 1/2tspn cinnamon powder
6- 1 tbsp butter


1- blend all ingredients in a Nutribullet style blender
2- heat your pancake pan (any non-stick) frying pan will do)
3- butter your pan
4- pour the pancake batter, enough to thinly coat the pan when you swivel it in a circular motion
5- flip your pancake when you notice the surface starting to bubble
6- cook evenly on both side
7- Serve with chocolate spread, nuts & or fruit
Recipe by 15minmom on Instagram.