An Afternoon at Zippos Circus!

Kensington Mums were invited to a wonderful afternoon at Zippos’ Circus. They are celebrating 21 years of Circus Entertainment mainly for Children. Their performance this year “The Magnificent Top Hat” is a special celebration of Norman Barrett MBE, Zippos Circus Ring Master for 21 years.

Zippos’ Circus is located in Blackheath, London (a bit of a ride but worth it). However, it is located in the middle of the park so might be worth it considering bringing a picnic basket to enjoy prior to the show (considering that they sell Popcorn, Cotton Candy, sandwiches and other snacks at the Circus Mega Dome).

The performance programme is diverse and is divided into 2 acts with 20 minutes break in between. We have enjoyed different acts by professional performers from Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina (among other countries). Our favorite performers were the Cuban Acrobats (Lots of Team Work!), Gabi & Germaine, The Motor Bikes Troupe and The Acrobats by Laci Fossett and Paulo De Santos.

They also do special Birthday Celebration for Children (upon request). They organize a special Celebration mainly Led by Norman Barrett. You can ask the team for more details on Special Birthday Celebrations.

The whole place feels like a family run business and the staff are friendly. It is a kids friendly fun place that is definitely worth checking out!

Check Zippos Circus website for more details