Kensington Mums reviews PAPA L’s KITCHEN at Home

Kensington Mums had the great opportunity to taste the gourmet take-away boxes prepared by Gambian’s chef, Lawrence Gomez for a bit of African Fusion Cuisine. Chef Lawrence launched PAPA L’s KITCHEN at home – a selection of DIY African-fusion meal kits delivered directly to your door!

Luckily during this Lockdown 2.0, everyone can still enjoy PAPA L’s KITCHEN quality dishes at home when it is not possible to dine at their restaurant.

The concept – PAPA L’s KITCHEN at Home

The concept is brilliant! You receive a box with everything you need including the garnishes to prepare your meal, and pretend you are a Chef back home! Honestly, it is a fantastic way to savour his delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home and present it to your family just as in the restaurant. In this lovely box you will receive the ingredients for the menu you have selected, a little brochure with all the step by step instructions including recommendations on how to cook each item on the menu. It is very easy to follow and detailed specifying the times needed for preparation and also includes a “Chef’s Tip”. Every single item comes vacuumed sealed with a label and the “best before” date on it. The garnishes are also all marked and the packages include all the ingredients you need.

How to order

You simply need to go to their website Click on “order now” and then proceed with making your selection. You can choose from 8 different meals from their famous Grilled King Tiger Prawns to their infamous Honey -glazed Salmon Supreme, they even cater to the vegan and vegetarian customers as they have Butternut Squash and Ginger Soup with coconut cream and pumpkin seeds.

You can mix and match any of the items – the only thing to keep in mind is that you need to order a minimum of 3 items. But, trust me it will be very easy to order more than 3 items as all of them are so delicious! The meal kit will contain pre-marinated or completely pre-cooked meals, vac packed to seal in all of those juicy flavours. So literally all you need to do is simply follow the easy step by step instructions including the Chef’s tips 🙂 So go ahead head to their website click and order now and then carry on reading this review.

Kensington Mums Experience

We were delighted to start with the PAPA L’s Grilled Prawns TIgerPrawns. They have 0 prep time and 6 minutes cooking time. The Chef recommends to have it with soft bread if you will have it as a starter or you can also have this as a main course and serve it with rice, mash or chips. They were an explosion of flavour super delicious and had a proper spicy kick to them.

We then savoured the lovely Honey-glazed Salmon Supreme with Kenyan Beans and chilli, ginger, lime, sesame and soy dressing. Every single ingredient blended perfectly to create a simply delicious burst of flavour with every bite. Cooking time for the salmon was 5-8 minutes. We accompanied it with PAPA L’s Ma’s Benachin rice following their instructions on the booklet to simply place the sealed bag of rice into boiling water for 5-8 minutes.

We then continued with our home feast enjoying their to DIE FOR Beef Short Ribs with Pickled Red Cabbage, onions and chilli. This was by far our favourite one! The beef simply melts in your mouth, it is so tender and tastes delicious. Do follow the Chef’s tip to use all the marinade from the bag as the more sauce the better. Cooking time: 25 min.

If you do want some inspiration from the man himself you can head over to their IGTV channel and tune in there to watch PAPA L cook some of his favourites – he just can’t stay out of the kitchen!

So, take the day off from cooking and order now PAPA L’s Kitchen at home for the perfect date night meal or your family meal.
To make it even more tempting to order they are adding a complimentary mini bottle of London Kings Black Cherry Rum and Clijé with every order.

For all inquiries please check the website or call at 02073731384, Email: [email protected], Collection from The Gojk Restaurant and Lounge:, Available 13th – 28th November, Order Saturday – Thursday, Collect: Fridays and Saturdays (10am-8pm), Payment: Paypal (Online) or Upon collection, Delivery : Available 20th-28th November. Order Saturday – Wednesday* for delivery on Fridays and Saturdays (8am-5pm), £5.99 Delivery Fee. Allergens are available on individual items.

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