A year of Kensington Mums

Hello lovely KM readers,

This time last year was when I decided to embark on this amazing journey.

I would like to thank you my readers, whether you have been with me from the start, joined me along the way or are a newcomer to the group, thank you for being part of it all. I have met some lovely and inspiring Kensington Mums along the way.

I would also like to thank my husband and most of all my Mum as without her I wouldn’t be here today. She is the queen of Kensington Mums and I love her to bits. And finally, thank you to my children who have been my source of inspiration.

I feel so┬áhonoured┬áto have been nominated for ‘The Super Blogger‘ award for the Business Mums Awards 2012 and even more proud to have made it into the top 100 winners.

I hope you will be able to join in the celebration on the 15th of November to celebrate Kensington Mums’s First Birthday.

Here’s to many more years…