‘A night out in the comfort of your own home’ with La Belle Assiette

A group of Kensington Mums had the pleasure to be spoilt with a 3-course meal hosted by one of our lovely mum, Aldis and catered by La Belle Assiette. Chef Ana cooked for us a 3 course Brazilian menu, which was an adventure for the palate. A light and healthy option with interesting combinations, which got a group of mummies excited about the evening and inspired for future cooking.


La Belle Assiette is a catering company providing personal chefs, catering delivery, event caterings and cooking classes. With over 100 chefs available and many more menus to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for whatever evening you are planning to host. All you have to do is choose what type of cuisine you wish to serve and the rest is done for you. La Belle Asiette will find you the right chef for your occasion, send you menu options to choose from, buy groceries and turn up to your doorstep ready to cook, serve and do the washing up. What more could you ask for?

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When we arrived chef Ana was already at our hosts home preparing for our dinner party. She introduced herself with a lovely smile and then carried on with her work. She seemed at ease and we could hardly hear her while cooking or plating up. Shortly after we were seated and dinner was served. The table setting by our host Aldis was impeccable with white roses and flowers as centre pieces and stunning Lilou et Loic candles which she generously gifted each Mum on the night.


Chef Ana introduced each dish as she served them, explaining how these were her own takes on traditional Brazilian dishes.  It was lovely to have them explained by the inventor herself as it transmitted passion that a chef should always have when cooking his/her own dishes. Even before we sat down, we watched her work and could see how much care she put in each dish, each one the same with impeccable presentation.


To begin, were two taster starters. First we were served ‘Moqueca of Palm heart’ which is a warm stew with vegetables and coconut milk served in mini tall cylinder glasses. I was curious to try it as I had only had palm heart raw in salads and it was very interesting to have it cooked in a stew type dish. It was sweet and smooth, a great start to the meal.

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To follow we had ‘Abarà with Caruru’; a Brazilian cake made of beans, peanut and cashew with a stew of okra and a prawn. This dish was served on a spoon, which I always find elegant and fun. It was a simple dish with a very balanced combination. The tapioca stew had a puree texture whilst the prawn gave it a bite to it.

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My personal favourite dish was our main course; Fish presented with a crust of nuts on a bed of cassava purée and guava coulis. The fish was delicate and perfectly cooked and I loved how the crust gave it a different texture and ‘nutty’ flavour. The base was interesting as Ana used Cassava which is not an ingredient am used to. What made the dish for me was the guava coulis. I love guava and had only had it in form of juice or fruit dish before. I certainly had never thought of adding it to a fish dish but it married perfectly with it cutting through through the nuts and adding a sweet taste to the whole dish.

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To finish our dinner, we were served a very adventurous dessert; a selection of sweets with coconut, eggs, corn, milk, pineapple, passion fruit, physalis, chocolate and cashew. The dessert looked lovely (make sure you watch the video to see what I am talking about) and tasted great with lots of surprises. I I started with the corn ice cream, which I had never had before. Sprinkled in the middle of the plate was popcorn, which I found fun and a great idea to give a different texture to the dish with so many ‘creams’. Another intriguing ingredient was avocado cream, which again I had never explored as a dessert but thought it worked amazingly with the rest of the dish especially the passion fruit which cut through the avocado giving it a sharp touch. The dessert had a lot going on but remained light and refreshing making it the perfect end to a delicious dinner.


Make sure you watch our video of the night to see all the food and the fun we had! An check out what our Mums had to say about our evening  together.

Nina mother of 1

Through five dishes of modern Brazilian cuisine I got the opportunity to try the services of “La Belle Assiette”. All the perks of a fine restaurant but within the comfort of home…

As I wasn’t hosting I can hardly comment on the details of having someone cook in my kitchen but I might be worried they’d struggle a bit with my meager lot of pots and pans (small kitchen!) if they don’t bring their own.

Saying that the chef looked in control when…well cooking!

The dishes, from the amuse bouche to the desert were absolutely delicious, mixing flavors and ingredients that I would have never tried with a result that I wasn’t expecting! Representing a modern Brazilian cuisine, it was a joy to my palate!

The fact that they don’t specialize in one cuisine but can provide any chef to suit your taste (or your event!) is the detail I find makes it unique. I loved an evening surrounded by other mums at a beautiful table and I can see how this service is perfect for such moments.

Dina mother of 2.

When La Belle Assiette approached us to host a private dinner at home, I knew it would be a perfect thing to do with our community of Kensington Mums. A way to connect with friends old, and new. Our host Aldis, welcomed us in her beautiful home and the first thing that captured my eyes is the stunning table setting she had organised for us. The candles, the flowers, everything was just perfect. I was looking forwards in trying out the Brazilian menu we had chosen. Needless to say, my taste buds were tickled by new flavors. I was particularly impressed by the chef’s creativity with the combination of ingredients she used for our dessert, a ‘twist’ to end the meal full of fun and tasty little bits. Thank you ‘La Belle Assiette’ for your your amazing  private chef service and yummy food.


Maya mother of 2

I would like to thank the chef for the well presented yummy food! Was just delicious! I could see that there is a lot of efforts to present it in such beautiful way! Also was very nice to have someone to serve and not worrying about it!

Aldis did a great job with her warm home and serene atmosphere! We had a great evening chatting about motherhood, sibling rival-vary and getting to know each other! Was also really generous of Aldis to offer us some beautiful candles, they just smell awesome!!

I cannot thank Kensington Mums enough for this very lovely evening with truly fun Mums where judgment is not there!! I enjoyed sitting between all these smart and honest Mums!! It just makes me feel normal to be going through all what the other Mums are going though! It makes me feel like there is a support for one mum to another and that we are not alone in our motherhood journey! Also that we are not the only crazy people in this world juggling between being a mum, a friend, a functioning person etc…Thank you Kensington Mums and La Belle Assiette for a fun night in.

Zehra mother of 2

My adventures with Kensington Mums are always full of surprises, on a rainy Thursday evening my expectations weren’t exactly high; all I was in the mood for was catching up with a few friends over dinner. From the moment I arrived, a friendly chef who surrounded our group with the most amazing aromas greeted me. Presenting each dish with precise descriptions, I was surprised and enlightened at every bite. The execution of the entire evening was stunning and memorable. La Belle Asiette provided an evening of stress free beautiful food, lovely staff and an ambience of culinary adventure. I can’t wait to schedule my own dinner party in the future. The convenience, the service and the food transformed a rainy Thursday evening into a lovely memory.


Ar’nie mother of 4

The first time I had a chef come to my home to cook a special meal for me was in 2013 for my Danish Copper Anniversary. It was with an award winning French chef based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It left me with such a tasteful memory that I told everyone it’s a must try.

Fast forward to June 2016. When I was invited to try out La Belle Assiette’s in house chef services, I was very excited, of course, as it brought back memories of my first dinner. With a French name, I was expecting French food. Oh la la…One of my favourite cuisine!! Hosted at a lovely fellow entrepreneur mummy’s home (with to die for decorations she did herself!) I was surprised to meet our chef. Turned out that we will be served Brazilian cuisine. I am only familiar with Brazilian churrascaria and didn’t know that Brazil can offer up fine dining.

The chef was meticulous!! She prepped all food, plated it all up and served it up to us all herself! I was very pleasantly surprised at how amazing North Brazilian high cuisine can be! Chef explained every dish in detail before serving it to us. I cannot imagine using some of the ingredients in the dishes as part of a main meal. Things like guava puree! Mmm…so delicious!

I would definitely recommend everyone to try out a ‘chef at home’ service like one offered by LBA! It may seem like an indulgence to many but it certainly is an experience to be tried once at least. Without having to fork out thousands, you still get to feel what it feels like to be a ‘star’ for the night. Without bothersome noises and guests around you, you get to be fed high quality ingredients that fit your palette and your budget.


What was supposed to be an early dinner ended up being an late night chatting away and having a great time. Not only it was great to be with other mums for a girlie evening sharing motherhood stories or  having a laugh forgetting about children’s’ tantrums, we really enjoyed the service La Belle Assiette provided us with and are all definitely going to explore more of it.

La Belle Asiette is perfect for busy mums who enjoy entertaining in their own home but don’t always have the time to prepare for a dinner party. La belle Asiette delivers high standard food cooked in your own home and provides meals for children too. We were especially impressed with our chef who managed to cook a 3 course meal in a different kitchen to her own and still deliver each dish perfectly.

Thank you La Belle Asiette for a wonderful evening and to our host Aldis for the warm welcome and hospitality.