7 tips to get a strong start to the school year

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Get prepared and have a strong start the school year with the support of Holland Park Education

The start of the 2020 academic year is unique and anticipated with trepidation for obvious reasons. As we continue to navigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis, we hope to celebrate the re-opening of our schools after months of closure. Our students will re-engage with teachers, re-establish friendships, and provide some much-needed relief to their families tasked with managing their education since last spring.

We are delighted to see our students head back to school, and Holland Park is proud to have supported them through this difficult time. We have seen a huge rise in participation in our online classes, group courses, and residential homeschooling using the latest technology and run by the leading experts. The new normal will take adaptation on the part of students, parents and teachers. We have, and will continue, to focus on extending our training and guidance for tutors teaching online. Our commitment is to ensure the education we provide is at the forefront of best practice for the new world – so we can provide you with the highest quality, safely.

After careful consideration, we have put together a few tips to support students in getting ready to start the school year. We are confident that with these simple resources, the family can make a smooth transition once schools reopen.

  1. Create a routine: Stick to a study schedule! You will find you build momentum and improve focus.
  2. Plan ahead: Start your reading lists and organise your timetable. Ask about criteria and requirements in advance.
  3. Stay active, healthy and rested: Regular exercise will keep you feeling clear-headed, a consistent sleep schedule will keep you alert and healthy eating will make you strong.
  4. Online learning may return, so be sure to check your IT and internet speeds and create a distraction free study space.
  5. School will feel different: class sizes and layout may change. You may not have the same teachers and ones that you least expected.
  6. Try to work with the school as they have your safety as a priority.
  7. Take responsibility for your learning, it is time to think more like a grown up.

Our team at Holland Park Tuition and Education is always here to help and if there is anything that you are unsure about please call us at 0207 034 0800 to find out how we can support you and give you the guidance you are looking for this year. You may also be interested to read, the path to navigating the path to success.

About Simon Northcote-Green:

Simon was the Deputy Master at Dulwich College 2000-2018.
Educated at the Universities of Oxford and Reading, studying Modern History. After graduating, he worked as a teacher in Kenya as a member of Voluntary Service Overseas before joining the staff at Marlborough College in Wiltshire UK in 1982. He moved to Phillips Academy, Andover USA in 1987 and spent several summers there involved in a creative writing programme as a Director.




About Jacqui Northcote-Green:

Jacqui is a graduate of Durham University and has worked for over 20 years in a number of top independent schools, including Dulwich College, City of London School for Girls and St Mary’s Calne. Her experience at two girls’ schools as Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head saw her preparing students for university applications, in both an academic and pastoral capacity. She has been involved in school admissions processes at all levels of entry.