10 brilliant things to do at home this half term

half term

Half term is around the corner! Here’s our round up of the brilliant activities to do at home this half term!

1. Baking

Number 1 all-time favourite of every child! Don’t worry about the mess and clearing up make it part of the activity.  Maybe a seasonal apple pie or crumble, Halloween biscuits. Or just buy some plain biscuits and let the children use their imagination with sprinkles and icing!  

2. Embrace Autumn

Go for a long autumnal nature walk and collect some crisp autumn leaves in lots of different colours. Make a leaf crown here. Find some fir cones! (see below).

3. Glitter!!

Everywhere, kids love glitter and sequins! Anything that can be dipped in PVA glue and glitter! Fir cones are really effective and could be a good way to start getting festive maybe..? 

4. Reading

Snuggle up and read some books, that have been on the list for a while.  Assign everyone a voice and character it soon becomes a real tradition and makes for more interactive reading. Try an audible book trial. It’s a great way to read some Harry Potter for any child that’s overwhelmed with the length of the book! Also don’t miss this great offer to learn to read in 5 weeks.

5. Numeracy and Spelling

Want to keep the brain active look at some apps for numeracy.  Have a target to learn a times table or set of spellings by the end of half term and then a reward. Have a look at our article on apps here which cover reading, numeracy, languages etc.

6. Play dough

Where would we be without it! The best bakers all started with play dough making worms, snails and pies. If you are lucky you’ll be asked to take thousands of photos of all the creations! ☺

7. Papier-mâché

Remember covering a balloon with newspaper and flour when you were at school? Making a mask? So much fun with papier-mâché, you just need a lot of old newspapers, magazines or comics. (Magazines make it more colourful!) Some water and flour and a balloon to cover or get creative with chicken wire too! Then paint it! You’ll need to do it over a few days for drying. See a guide here

8. Painting

Finger painting, splatter painting, paint your own canvas for Christmas gifts! Hobbycraft have a great range of box canvas’ to make your own works of art!

9. Decorating Pebbles

Have you tried decorating your own pebbles, stones or shells? All those ones you bring home from holiday that are sitting in a jar. Just need some acrylic pens or sharpies or even paint and a supply of pebbles or rocks and an imagination!

10. Sewing

Make some simple shapes out of felt and into hanging decorations. A pillow for a cuddly?  Or even a new cuddly!! Some favourite children’s t-shirts that no longer fit? Upcycle them into cushions and they make great keepsakes or memory cushions! More ideas here.

Let us know how you get on and share your creations and tag us! Happy Half Term!