New year, new and improved me!

Kensington Mums had the pleasure of trying out a unique treatment to show outstanding results without the surgery. We tried the body shaping Endospehere Therapy at Wellpoint beauty in the heart of Kensington This unique treatment is 100% non invasive.

I had the pleasure to meet with a local mum and therapist Irina Golovachshenko who was very professional and friendly. She has explained every step of the way so I always felt comfortable during the session.

body shaping treatment kensington

About Endospheres therapy usage

Endospheres therapy is a non-invasive mechanical treatment that uses the therapeutic benefits of compressive microvibration. It uses microvibrations to transmit through low frequency the vibrations create a pulsed rhythmic action on the tissue. These compressions create a pumping action. Its proven effectiveness has been enriched by the Sensor System, a step ahead in technological innovation: thanks to the inner sensors, it allows the correct pressure to be applied to tissues thereby creating a personalised treatment to meet specific needs – quicker results in less time. The mechanical vibrations works on the micro-circulation, inducing an effect of vasoconstriction and vasodilation that results in an improvement blood circulation in the treated area. The vibrating stimulation, made on the muscles for an appropriate amount of time, allows to obtain an optimisation of the muscle tone in treated areas. Recent studies have shown the method is very effective in the battle against cellulite. Delivering constant and localised mechanical action means tissue can be restructured and improved. the effect on lymphatic drainage encourages very quick recovery.

body shaping treatment kensington
body shaping treatment kensington

What to expect?

Upon arrival, you will meet with your therapist who will ask you a few questions. In case you are afraid of pain, let me assure you that I did not feel any pain during the session. The session for a full body lasts around an hour. You will get to disconnect and relax while you feel small vibrations using the comprehensive mircovibrarion therapy machine that works on low frequency depending on your muscle tone and body. So its all personalised and the intensity can be increased after each session according to your therapist.
What I found as a result of my 4 treatment sessions is that my stomach was much tighter and found drastic results in reducing “saddle bags” on outside of my thighs. Treatment also eliminates excess liquids giving you a sense of lightness to your legs.

Do remember that this is a lymphatic drainage- action on the vascular system which helps in body contouring and muscle toning. Results are seen to loosening weight, shaping your body, with an effect on anti cellulite and skincare. I saw a huge difference in my muscle tone as this is the result of the stimulation made by the vibration. You will not feel the time passing by as Irina would guide you every step of the way to what she is doing and what to expect. Make this time for you. The location is also great, only a few steps from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.


  • it tightens and tones muscles and tissue
  • it fights and eliminates cellulite
  • it removes orange peel skin
  • it improves lymphatic and venous circulation and performs an important mechanical lymphatic drainage on the whole body
  • it reduces waist size and the circumference of thighs
  • it has a surprising rejuvenating effect on the face and neck

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Show the Kensington Mums app on your phone and benefit from this amazing offer. January is – £90 full body treatment- £500 full body treatment 6 sessions – £900 full body treatment 12 sessions

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