Make your own personal perfume

“Un Parfum par Moi!”

Kensington Mums spent a fantastic experience designing their own personal Perfume and
having a luxurious afternoon tea! The Perfume Studio London and Buy A Gift invited us to a
fabulous session where we got to learn about different fragrances, smell and mix different
ones to come up with a personal and unique perfume. At the end of the session we enjoyed
a scrumptious afternoon tea.

Francois Robert – The master perfumer at The Perfume Studio – is a fourth-generation
perfumer belongs to a family who helped created major perfumes to many fashion houses
including Chanel and Dior. Each fragrance is associated with different character elements.
The final outcome is a truly bespoke perfume. Fragrances get registered in The Perfume
Studio Library under your own name and you can-reorder any time. You also get to name
your own perfume.

The experience is the perfect gift idea! You can invite your loved ones to attend an
enjoyable session and an afternoon tea and walk away with their perfume. They are widely
available in London and across the UK. They have various experiences packages that include different sizes and cover different price ranges. They also have beautiful ready-made sets that you can order and send to your loved ones including our favorite: a bespoke package with 18 different blends.

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