Kutir, Chelsea | Review

When you are next in Sloane Square, you must absolutely stop by Kutir for some amazing Indian fare. Trust me your taste buds and stomach will thank me. Located in a townhouse on a quiet street off busy Kings Road, it is the perfect escape to indulge in deliciously crafted dishes. The restaurant is charming and tastefully decorated with olive coloured walls, beautiful floral touches and an abundance of natural light coming from the skylight showcasing a living wall of roses reminding me of spring. We were seated in a comfortable booth and couldn’t wait to explore the new vegan menu that chef Rohit Ghai had carefully created.

The Menu

The vegan menu is innovative and full of choice and this was such a delight for someone who has only been able to order from a few dishes due to her dairy intolerance. There are a selection of entrees available and we decided to go for the Aloo Tikki and the Morels. The Aloo Tikki was not only beautifully presented but the crispy potato cake sitting on a bed of chickpeas and speckled with pomegranate was an explosion of flavour. From our first bite of the starter, we knew that this meal was going to be a real treat. The Morels consisted of wild mushrooms and broccoli marinated and cooked in the tandoor with white tumeric and crisps. It conjures thought of walks in the forest on a crisp autumn day, with the earthiness of the mushrooms shining through. Whilst the starters had a bit of a kick to them, it wasn’t overpowering and only served to enhance each dish. In fact, it opened up my appetite and made me look forward to the mains even more.

One of the mains was the lotus stems dumplings with sauteed kale in a rich velvety tomato sauce which we promptly mopped up with some tandoori roti. The other main that we had the pleasure to have was a wild mushroom pilau rice with sweet and sour goji berries, truffle shavings and truffle oil. I have to say that the truffles worked really well with the spices in this dish. The dumplings were soft and melted in our mouths whilst the rice was fragrant and super indulgent. To accompany the main dishes, we also had the traditional dal with some steamed rice.

Despite our appetite definitely being satisfied by then, we still managed to find room for dessert. The pear poached in vegan red wine served with a pear and raisin samosa and melon sorbet was to die for. My husband, who is usually not a fan of raisins and insists on picking them out of everything, actually devoured the samosa. He then told me that he would have raisins any day if they were cooked like this. I guess I just need to start training as a chef and work my way to getting a Michelin star! We also opted for the trio of sorbet. The mango, passionfruit and blood orange sorbets were expertly crafted, fresh and zingy. Who needs ice cream when the sorbets are of such quality?

To accompany the meals, there are a selection of delicious cocktails (lychee bellini – yum! I am kicking myself for not trying it as I love lychee), vegan wines and mocktails.

Rohit Ghai

The genius responsible for this culinary journey that we went on is the Chef Patron Rohit Ghai. Throughout the past decade, he has headed some of London’

s top Indian restaurants including Benares, Trishna, Gymkhana, Hoppers, Bombay Bustle and Jamavar in Mayfair where he was the first Indian chef in the UK to gain a Michelin-star within ten months of opening. He also had a restaurant in one of the five star resorts in my lovely home Mauritius. Taking into consideration his abundance of experience, it comes as no surprise that the dishes produced by this talented chef are nothing short of perfection.


The restaurant was busy during Saturday lunch service and had a constant influx of happy diners and I can totally understand why. The vegan menu was exceptional and you are not left wanting meat but instead you leave feeling satisfied and happy from the intensely flavoured plates of food. The service was perfect, with knowledgeable wait staff who were attentive yet unobtrusive. I just wished that we had more space to eat our way through the whole menu. All the dishes were well balanced and worked well together. It was also a pleasant surprise how affordable the menu was, which makes the visit to this gem of a restaurant a must.

You can find Kutir at 10 Lincoln St, Chelsea, London SW3 2TS where they are open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday.

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