Wonderlab at the Science Museum: The Statoil Gallery


Wonderlab is an interactive science gallery that aims to inspire visitors of all ages to think like scientists, exploring the world of science and maths through lots of fun experiments and activities. It has over 50 stations to “Blow” little and big minds.

The Gallery is very spacious and well presented to keep you and your kids entertained throughout the session. With so many exhibits displayed, you will not be queuing up to have a turn – a very important aspect for the younger visitors.

An educating and imaginative workshops, easy to explore and experiment on your own but if you get any questions, there is a great Team of Explainers at hand to answers and help you around.

Don’t miss the Science Demonstrations ( check the times ) – different colours Fire and Balloon popping is super entertaining.

Wonderlab has a Chemistry Bar!!! No,No – you don’t get to drink any of the liquids but you get to order Live Experiments!

Wheelchair and buggy user-friendly.

Last but not least: Wonderlab offers Birthday Party packages, School Visits – for more detailed information contact them directly. We highly recommend it for a family day out, suitable for ages