Top 4 reasons why branding photography is for you

Why you need branding photography

Branding photography might sound like something that is only related to businesses out there, but the truth is, you, as yourself, is a brand. A brand that needs promotion in order to get you want it to be. For some this could be securing a career of their dreams, for others it is a simple matter of looking great.

No matter the reason behind it, we have put together why you need branding photography and how you can use it.

You will feel confident about using it

No-one likes the idea of awful pictures of you plastered all over the internet. Particularly if you were trying to use it to boost your career, or to post on a dating profile. Of course, in an ideal world, no-one would be judged by the way that they look, however, this isn’t always possible, and sometimes this is the only thing that forms a first impression, which means that it really pays to have a photo of you out there that you feel comfortable and confident about sharing with the world.

They are top quality

When you take a picture of yourself, you are not always going to achieve the very best quality possible. The last thing you want is a blurry picture of you plastered all over the internet.  One of the best ways to try and combat this, and make sure that you have an image that looks professional and of the best quality, is to invest in branding photography.

You will get advice on how best to pose

Are you concerned that you simply don’t know how best to hold yourself in a picture, or which pose is going to look right for you? If this is true, then you may benefit from the expertise that a professional can bring. They will know how best for you to pose, not only so that you are comfortable but that you look your best too.

The uses for branding photography images

One of the best things about branded photography, aside from the above, is that it is incredibly versatile. Rather than just being a way to create a headshot of yourself, branding photography is also your chance to create a professional photograph of yourself, to use as you wish.

There are a number of ways that you can choose to use an image created during a branding photography session.  One is for your website, or about me page, such as if you were a blogger or owned your own business. You can also use it for your social media page, particularly LinkedIn. Having a photograph of this style doesn’t only mean that you can use it in a professional way, although of course it is hugely suited to this approach.

You can also use it as a profile picture, perhaps as part of a dating profile, or as a gift for your partner to place on their desk. The possibilities really are endless, so what are you waiting for? See how a professional photo can transform your career choices, social media pages, about me page or perhaps just your dating prospects.

Juliana is a personal branding photographer and a mother of two. She uses her gift and skills, to empower women through her lenses not only to show their beauty but their true selves. Her goal in every session is to get a head-shot with a soul. To capture every women’s essence, passion and talent in an unique way. It’s her mission to help entrepreneur women to shine and to connect with their audience showing with confidence what they are capable of achieving. Check her website at the Personal Brand Photographer.