Welcome to the Kensington Mums VIP Card

At Kensington Mums we are passionate about creating a comprehensive one stop shop for mums on their parenting journey. We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved and want to continue to evolve and bring you new features and resources to help you navigate your parenting journey. With this in mind we are excited to introduce our new Kensington Mums VIP Card.

Kensington Mums VIP Card

£19.99 / year

Our Kensington Mums VIP card is entirely electronic, making it easy and convenient to take everywhere you go as you carry it with you on your phone! Once you’ve purchased it, a link will be sent to your phone so you can download your e-card to your wallet – and voilà – let the saving commence!


How It Works

Our Kensington Mums VIP card is so simply to use and the best part is that you don’t need to carry it with you on your wallet because it is entirely electronic, so you carry it with you on your phone!

The Kensington Mums VIP card entitles you to exclusive discounts and benefits at over 50 local businesses across six key categories. Please click on a category below to view all approved partners:

Check how easy it is to start saving on your everyday necessities! 


Activites & Classes


Food & Beverages


Hair & Beauty


Health & Fitness





Step 1 – Buy Your Card

Your VIP card is valid for 12 months from the date of joining and costs just £19.99 per year

Step 2 – Save Your Card to Wallet

You can save your VIP Card to your Android or Apple wallet after sign up for ease of access.

Step 3 – Start Saving

Start using the card in your Apple or Android wallet either in store or online for as many offers as you like it is as simple as that! – Please ensure you check the terms and conditions for each offer.


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