The postal museum

It is amazing how many museum you can visit in London and how all of them have inside beautiful treasures. Not only the most famous the small ones do too. Margaux is a mother of two and a member of Kensington Mums shares with us her latest review of The Postal Museum. Make sure you follow her blog here.
The Postal Museum is one of these: one of the small and less popular but with huge information inside. This is splited in two exhibitions, the main one is where you will discover all about the “Royal Mail”, the first social network! Why it started, where, who were the kings and Queens that promoted it, how it worked at begining and how the exchange of information have changed along the years. 
You can find plenty of information related to mail and the kids can discover  more about it while playing as The Postal Museum has many interactive games to learn from. They can dress up as a post man, they can write letters and send them through the air conductors or edit their own stamp. 

On the opposite side of the street you can find the Mail Rail exhibition. Which will take you to a subterranean ride like the more than 4 millions of letters do everyday to be distributed around London. It is a 15 minutes ride where them will explain more facts about how the Royal Mail works daily. 
You can find as well the Postal Play Space, a mini-town play area available for 45 minutes for under 8 years. As usually the shop is fabulous and you are always tempted to buy everything. And they have a café where refuel after a fascinating day out. 
It is amazing how the communication has evolved in such a short time! And all the questions about that kids will ask you afterwards and what an interesting activity will be starting to send letters to friends and family from now. 

More info on The Postal Museum can be found here.