The experience of family photography

There are billions of families all around the world, and no two are the same. Lets celebrate this kind of individuality by making it last forever: family photography holds the power of capturing the moment with the ones dearest to us.

After a temporary closure due to Covid-19 I am now back open, offering social distanced outdoor family portrait sessions. These session can take place during one of your walks in your favorite park or in your garden. I will ensure to keep a safe distance whilst capturing beautiful memories of you and your children.

Let me introduce myself: I am Viola Carnelos, mother and boutique photographer in London. I work mainly in South West London (Richmond, Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Kew Gardens), but I had been working in various countries such as New Zealand, Cyprus, and Italy for over fifteen years, before moving to the UK.

During my career I have learned how important it is to create images that represent an authentic family, based on real emotions. Every family has their beautiful and unique facets.

Family photography is not some portrait that you put in an album, close in a drawer, and never look at again, but it is the depiction of that intense, deep, complicated, and extraordinary connection of you all, and the unique way you established it.

Family photography as a timeline

Some clients of mine return every year with their partners and children to get new family photos done. Some of them would like to have their favourite images inserted in a beautiful album that can be displayed and browsed through. A photo book becomes an unforgettable memory we can share at any time with our family and friends. I offer a wide range of photo albums to choose from. You can browse the options at my studio. Family portraiture is a great way to document their childrens growth, and the evolution of their bond as a family.

When years pass and children become adults, having memories of happy moments is medicine for the soul. A way of appreciating what has been and wondering of what has to come.

Children in family photos

Sometimes, children fear the cameras surrounding them and wont act as wished for by their parents. However, it is important to remember that children are not machines and I have established my own little tricks and tips to make sure that your family photoshoot ends in beautiful, memorable photos, nevertheless.

One of my ways to ensure that children will gradually relax in the new surroundings is to make them feel at home. It is important that children feel as confident and safe in my photography studio as they do at their home, because otherwise, they wont lose their fear of the unknown. In this case I let them explore, see how my camera works, and I have a little chat with them. If I get positive feedback, it is time to shoot.

My studio remains closed until the government allows us photographers to re-open. But now that summer is approaching, an outdoor family photoshoot is ideal anyway. Warmer temperatures and mild sunny days are perfect to organise a photoshoot and a day out. You can choose a location and contact me.

The basic rule of a family photoshoot

My aim is to deliver a family portrait that is natural, artistic and emotional. The best part of a family photoshoot is that it has no fixed rules to follow. The key is being spontaneous and happy and most importantly have fun!

There is no minimum or maximum number of shots to take, there are no particular poses to do, and there is no time limit. Usually, a family photoshoot with me lasts about two hours and my clients get an ample variety of photos.

Family photography is not a commitment, but an experience to remember. An experience that will give you authentic and thrilling shots, real, sincere, intimate, alive, and passionate emotions.

What does a family photoshoot say?

A family portrait tells a story and evokes emotions even years after it had been taken. It tells about your journey together, it tells the moment when your paths split, and all your wins, losses, challenges, fears, and hurdles you overcame all together with unity and resilience.

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