Revitalise and Relax with Vitelax

I didn’t really know what to expect from a Vitamin infusion but I was intrigued and looked forward to trying it. If you follow us on our Insta stories you would have seen a live demonstration of the session.

Apparently, “Intravenous Nutrient Therapy with incredible results. IV Therapy soon became the secret weapon of burnt-out stars such as Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, …to name but a few”.

I am no “burned out star” BUT, as a mother of two, I find myself always on the move, trying keep my children entertained and stimulated at all times and often forget I don’t have their energy. When 7:30 pm hits the clocks, I can hardly keep my eyes open or stand anymore. It’s happened once or twice that my husband comes looking for me when I tell him I’m putting the kids to sleep only to find me sleeping like a baby next to them.

It’s during these times I wish I had more energy to be able to give my children all the entertainment but also be able to dedicate sometime to myself and my things once they are in bed.

I’m not one who takes vitamins daily but I do care a big deal about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by watching what I eat and exercising regularly. Still, I too often feel drained.

Could Vitamin infusion be the answer?

About Intravenous Nutrition:

“More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements and we know they are certainly beneficial. However, few people realize that when you ingest vitamins by mouth, only 15% of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream.  With intravenous Nutrition, the nutrients enter your bloodstream directly and immediately to your body’s cells through intravenous therapy, thus allowing your body to better absorb and utilize these nutrients”.

When Dr Kifayat arrived, he was carrying all the necessary equipment. It thinks it’s great that he offers a mobile service rather than having to go to a clinic. It’s ideal to get an energy boost and immediately get on with things that need to be done.

He had the infusion holder and his bag with all the necessary instruments for my session.

Before setting up, he handed me over a brochure with further information about the treatment, its origins, studies and case studies and everything I needed to know. But since the doctor had come all the way for this, I preferred having a chat and to learn more about him and ask more specifically about his company, Vitelax.

He was friendly and very professional and I enjoyed hearing his story.

I found out that he was a ENT surgeon based in London. So, from ENT to Vitalex, why?

Interestingly, DR Kifayat started studying and exploring Vitamin infusion during his wife’s first pregnancy where she felt lethargic and overworked despite taking the oral recommended supplements. (I’m sure many of us can relate)

After thorough research and positive results in the benefits of this treatment, in 2015 VITELAX was born as providing a bespoke mobile service to clients at work, home, gyms and anywhere.

I thought the name sounded great but even more so when he explained the reasoning behind it: VITAMIN & RELAX = VITELAX.

As intrigued as I was, my only concern with this was the needle and possibly the drip itself. I, like I’m sure many others, associate needles and drips to negative circumstances, linking them to illnesses or vaccines which I wouldn’t normally want to have done unless absolutely necessary. So, the idea of having a 20-minute drip session with a needle stuck in my arm to give me an energy boost just didn’t seem right.

After filling in a personal information & consent form, I was ready to start. I felt safe about the treatment because I was doing this with a doctor and knew that if anything was to go wrong, he knew how to professionally handle the situation. This is very important for Dr Kifayat that all those who administer the treatment at Vitelax are trained doctors.

The treatment I was going to have was the following:

V ATP-ENERGISER : a high-octane energy boosting drip is the ideal pick-me-up. With high doses of B Vitamins (essential for the body’s production and use of energy), magnesium (a critical component in the production of ATP, the main source of energy in cells) and energy-boosting amino acids, it’s perfect for boosting energy and wellbeing.

WHAT’S IN THE BAG? : Vit C, B5*, B6, B12, B1, B3, B2, B Complex*, Magnesium*,Arginine Glycine, Carnetine, Adenocylcobalamine, Taurine “

Importantly to say, like most treatments or cures, it is normally recommended to take a course and not just a one-off treatment. Dr Kifayat explained that he normally recommends 1 session per week for a minimum of 6 sessions. This is especially because everybody is very different and reacts to these infusions differently.

In some cases, people feel an immediate kick whilst for others it can take up to one or two days.

Just before we started, Dr Kifayat measured my blood pressure and explained he would do that again during the treatment and after to make sure my body was reacting safely to the treatment. 1,2 ,3 sharp scratch, the needle was in and the session had started.

I instantly felt freshness in my arm and during the 20 minutes I felt good. No faint feelings, pains or anything. The whole set up wasn’t invasive at all and I managed to get my laptop out and carry on looking at my emails and working. The treatment went by really quickly and I felt energized and good, my blood pressure was still optimal and Dr Kifayat was happy with how things were looking (which is always a good sign)

As soon as Dr Kifayat left, I followed him out and went to pick up the children from nursey. I was in a good and active mood. Did it really work this quickly and amazingly? I tried to stop thinking about it and give it sometime to give it a concrete feedback.

(On the basis that I had mine done on Thursday)

During the treatment: The feeling was great, refreshing and I actually felt a boost of energy flow through my body.

Within the hour after the treatment: I felt good and positive. My energy levels were high.

1 hour after the treatment: I started feeling tired and sleepy again. I felt just as I would normally feel at this time of day.

The following day: again, I had a very early wake up and was tired but throughout the day I had moments of energy boost which I hadn’t experienced before and really enjoyed.

The weekend: I wasn’t feeling 100%. I had a slight cold and start of sore throat but still eager to keep going. I went for a short run on Saturday which I didn’t particularly enjoy and I felt extremely tired and the rest of the day was a bit of a struggle. Sunday, I managed to run further and I felt good throughout and I felt good after also. The rest of the day was busy but ok.

The infusion I took was to feel more energized and give me a boost but it’s not the only reason people are using this method. If fact, there is a wide range of different “vitamin cocktails” to cure different necessities, like weight loss, sports recovery “hangover remedy” and many more.

IV WELLNESS PROTOCOL: The IV Cocktail that started it all. It contains just the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for an overall feeling of wellness and health promotion.

IV ATHLETE SPORT: For people with an active or sporty lifestyle this IV Drip is packed with high concentrations of the energy-boosting B vitamins, plus powerful amino acids to improve your recovery times and power you to peak performance.

IV MOOD SUPPORT: Designed to help relax the mind and body this drip combines the ultimate classic drip – for overall wellbeing – with a unique formula to support and enhance the mental faculties. High dose glutamine, carnitine and ornithine have a positive impact on peace of mind, balance in stressful situations, and improved concentration”.

IV AGE DEFIANCE “The nutrients in this drip are designed to tackle anti-ageing from the inside out. High dose IV Glutathione (the superhero antioxidant) together with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids combat the signs and symptoms of ageing for complete body and skin rejuvenation.

IV DETOX FAT BURNING: Our diet and detox drip combines a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you achieve your ideal body – by reducing toxic load and helping the body function effectively in order to remove stubborn body fat. This drip combines the best detoxifying nutrients with fat burning amino acids to help you look and feel great.

IV IMMUNO BOOSTER: Rediscover your “get up and go” with our nutritional drip that helps ght off free radical damage and oxidative stress. Feel better fast with high dose Vitamin C, Zinc and powerful anti-oxidants to maximise your immune response whilst re-energising with added B Vitamins.

IV HAIR TONIC: Healthy hair requires plenty of Keratin and Collagen. By boosting amino acids involved in the production of keratin and collagen it’s possible to reduce hair loss and maximise hair regrowth.

In my specific case, I had just come back from traveling with the children. We had a long-packed weekend with very little sleep so I started the week even more tired than usual which makes me wonder whether the treatment would have had a different effect on me if I wasn’t so tired. Anyway, following what Dr Kifayat had told me and the way I analyzed my results, I can see how there are benefits to this type of treatment but also believe that it’s something that you would need a course of treatments instead of just a one off.

For those interested in giving it a go, Dr Kifayat is offering a generous offer to all our Kensington Parents and reader. Mention ‘KMVitelax’ to claim the following:

  • 20% first treatment
  • Buy 2 treatments and get the 3rd treatment free.

Thank you Dr Kifayat for introducing us to this whole new way of keeping healthy and energised.


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