Parents set to pay new ‘nappy tax’ charges

This is something new to us. Parents are being squeezed by councils asking for extra payments to take away nappies as part of their household waste.

Families will be expected to pay an additional charge for “special bins”. The charges – for either larger bins or special plastic sacks – have been condemned as being unfair on families and there are fears that they will encourage fly-tipping.

In Dorset alone, seven councils are demanding the payments, potentially raising up to £100,000 a year in extra income.

The highest fees in Britain are in Northumberland, where families already have to pay £62 for larger bins.

Across the country, at least ten councils are imposing charges.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson who has a three-year-old son told Mail Online ‘This ‘nappy tax’ is unfair on new parents. Family finances are often at their most stretched with the arrival of a new baby, due to reduced pay during parental leave and the costs associated with a newborn. The last thing parents need is to be whacked by extra charges from the council. We need to improve recycling and cut down on waste, but that can be done without penalising parents with young children. Ultimately, though, we need to address the funding crisis facing local councils or services like bin collections will continue to be cut.’

The charges were introduced in Dorset last week. Families who tell their council they need a bigger bin for babies’ nappies will have to pay £33. The fee rises to £55 for families who are new to the area.

Special nappy sacks that were previously free will cost £13 for 26.

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