KM Review: South Kensington Club

Kensington Mums were invited for a girly lunch and pampering experience at London newest members club located in the heart of South Kensington, the South Kensington Club.

As we arrived, we were greeted by the marketing team who welcomed us and took us on a tour around the club, which felt like home away from home with a ‘country side’ feel to it. Facilities at the club includes a skylit gym, fitness studios, relaxation areas, Tea Library, Mediterranean Club Restaurant, sitting rooms, cocktail bar, juice bar, terrace, Voyager Club Room and a bathhouse with hammam and banya, saltwater Watsu pool. We couldn’t wait to unwind after a busy day of work.

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Lunch was served at Club Mediterranean restaurant which offeres a variety of  traditional Sicilian food and ingredients. The restaurant is very spacious and is naturally lit.. As the place got busier throughout our lunch it never felt ‘packed’ and never got too loud. The staff welcomed us with smiles and were very attentive and professional throughout the whole meal, answering all our questions and making suggestions on what to order. 

Before we started our meal we were served some freshly baked homemade bread, which was very nicely combined with olive oil. Nathalie had started off with a main, which had immediately caught her eye on the menu; she had the ‘tagliolini cime di rapa & anchovies’. The dish was well presented in a bowl and the portion was very generous which worked perfectly for her bump. It was a hearty dish; the cime di rapa were perfectly cooked and the anchovies seasoned the dish nicely. It is definitely a combination I would try again at home. Dina had a minestrone soup to warm her up. The ingredients were fresh and the taste was just right. We asked the waiter about the origin of the vegetables and funnily enough they were all from Sicily. 

As her main, Dina had a salmon dish with puree on the side, served with slices of orange. The taste of sweet and sour was very tasty. Nathalie was feeling very happy and satisfied after her pasta dish but was intrigued by the sound of one of the starters,       SKC crunchy Winter Salad‘. The salad was possibly one of the prettiest and well-presented salads we had seen. The vegetables and salad leaves had a lovely crunch to them and were perfectly seasoned. Topping the salad were a selection of seeds, which gave more texture to the dish as well as adding a nutty flavour to it. The desserts on the menu looked a treat but we both could not eat anything more and were ready for a pamper afternoon at the SKC SPA. Having said this, when the waitress arrived with two mini mince pies and two delicious biscuits for us to try, we both couldn’t resist them. Both desserts were very tasty and light, which brought big smiles to our faces and concluded our lunch perfectly. We both really enjoyed our lunch and the atmosphere throughout the club.

Following our lunch, both Dina and I were welcomed into a waiting area and asked to fill in a brief questionnaire whilst waiting for our therapists. Nathalie was then taken to one of the treatment room, which was on a different floor than Dina’s. The walk gave her a chance to look around the club again and as mentioned before it felt like being at home, the decor was so elegant but warm at the same time and every member of staff we came across was smiling and very friendly, which gave it a wonderful feel just moments before the blissful treatment.  Dina opted for a full body massage and her therapist Karolina was excellent. As soon as you walk into the room, the dimmed lights, the slippers and gown are all there waiting for you to get into. The room was warm and the gowns were personalised with S.K.C which gave it that special touch. Both therapy rooms were very spacious with a sink and mirror area as you walked in and then a bed just ahead. There was even a shower in case this was needed later on. The smell of the room was divine and the whole atmosphere was perfect.  As we arrived at the room we knew we were going to enjoy the next hour of our day.

Nathalie’s therapist, Renata asked her questions about her pregnancy, as well as about her skin before pregnancy and what results she was looking to achieve from the facial that day. She told her what her  ‘concerns’ regarding her skin at the time, with hormones taking over during her pregnancy her skin showed some breakouts on her chin area and was hoping to hydrate the area and just get an overall glow which she hadn’t felt in a long time. All in all, she wanted to relax and nothing does as well as a good facial.

Following Nathalie’s consultation she recommended a rebalance 60 minute facial which is described as; ‘perfect for those prone to redness, rosacea and fragile capillaries, this soothing treatment is designed especially to protect delicate skin. Expect skin that will glisten with renewed vitality.’  As Nathalie laid in bed, Renata turned on the heat on the bed, she was officially in ‘heaven’.

Renata started the treatment by cleansing her face then applying different products; a cleanser, a toner and then a mask. Each product was applied gently with a brush and as they rested on Nathalie’s face Renata worked on the arms, hands, neck and head giving with a very gentle and pleasant massage. All in all, the entire facial was great, very gentle on the skin and concentrated on the relaxation of the face and body, which is exactly what Nathalie was after. Her face felt refreshed.



Dina needed the relaxation having organised two of Kensington Mums biggest events of the year, she had very tense shoulders and neck. Karolina managed to ease the pain using strong pressure which drifted Dina to sleep. It was that good. Essential oils were used throughout the massage and Karolina would always ask if the pressure was ok throughout the treatment.

Overall, we loved the elegant and homely environment of the South Kensington Club’s interior which we feel has been thoughtfully executed to provide a place for reflection and relaxation. The therapist were excellent in the service they provided and we couldn’t be happier. It was a great day to unwind for any busy Kensington Mum and we would highly recommend it! The atmosphere is great if you need to do some work, exercise  or just relax. There is something for everyone to enjoy.


Some of the touches we loved, are the volcanic ash table from Siciliy as you enter the club. Also, we liked the attention to detail of having most things personalise with the club’s initials S.K.C. Also, we were informed that the club has recently transported 25 tonnes of Mediterranean water from Sicily’s volcanic Aeolian Islands for the Watsu Pool, so you can now bathe in the Mediterranean sea… in South Kensington!

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The location of the club is steps away from the buzzing street of South Kensington as well as the prestigious museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. If you’re in the market for a new club membership, The South Kensington Club may just be what you’re looking for. Please be advised, that we do not recommend this for families with young kids.


The club offers fitness and well-being facilities. SKC’s three studios provide an ideal environment for yoga, hot yoga, pilates, barre, hot barre, cardio, boxing and high-energy dance classes, as well as private fitness assessments. The  “watsu pool” is lined with tiles made from lava taken from the base of Mount Etna. Another Sicilian origin. The water is even heated to 34.5C and constantly purified, making it “cleaner than the sea”. These are some of the attention to detail we loved during our tour. If you are seeking a moment of calm in the bathhouse or inspiration from the Voyager Programme the South Kensington Club offers excellence in every field.

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For more information on the SKC, please visit their website for more information and membership details.