Mummy me time at The Baglioni Spa in Kensington

During Kensington Mums recent stay at the Baglioni Hotel London, I was invited for a bit of pampering as an early birthday treat. You can read about our stay here and watch the short video coverage on our You Tube Channel here.

The Baglioni SPA is a hidden gem in the heart of Kensington.

Spa and Wellness 

Designed by Rebosio+Spagnulo, it is a place to relax body and mind and restore well-being for a full caring and personalized experience. Opened to both hotel guests and external clients, the SPA offers female and male Turkish baths, treatment rooms for massages, facial and body treatments with Natura Bissé products and beauty services.

From Kensington Mums Snapchat

Baglioni Spa ‘’Summer Glow’’

My treatment was the Baglioni Spa ‘’Summer Glow’’. Sounded interesting and much needed 90 minutes of pure bliss.  This consist of full body exfoliation, back, neck and shoulder massage and facial.

My appointment was on a Sunday morning. The Baglioni SPA is located on the ground floor of the Baglioni Hotel London, accessed just behind the lifts. I was greeted by Barbara who was very friendly and showed me around the spa to get more familiar with the services they offer. I absolutely liked the spa relaxing room, with soft music and refreshments that guests can benefit from after treatment. The Baglioni SPA is the ideal place to boost wellbeing and prepare for the summer with a caring and personalised experience to relax your body and mind, great for busy modern Kensington Mums. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to be a hotel guest to make use of the Baglioni SPA, so this can be a great pampering treat for Mums and is very local too.

The massage room was lite with candles and soft music. The temperate was just perfect, not too cold and not too hot. There was also a shower and a sink in the room with a heated massage bed and Natura Bisse skincare products. I was asked if I wanted a drink and if the music was not too loud before starting. I was ready for my Summer Glow experience which started with a full body exfoliation using the C+C Vitamin Scrub, to gently renew the surface of my skin and this would instantly bright it leaving the skin invigorated and silky smooth. As I always work on the computer for long hours, I really needed to relieve some of my muscle strains around my neck and shoulders so told the beautician to apply some extra pressure around those areas.

My back, neck and shoulder massage followed and focused on my tension areas to melt away any stresses and strains. I felt in complete relaxation. The C+C body balm was then applied to my whole body to revitalise and to deeply nourish the skin. After the body exfoliation, I was asked to take a quick shower. Barbara had prepared me the towels and gown and even turned the water in the shower which was at a perfect temperature. Thank you Barbara.

I was not done just yet. After steamy hot shower, I dried off and then had the pleasure to enjoy an express facial using specially formulate Natura Bisse skincare to revitalise and re-energise my skin leaving an even and smooth complexion on my face. I felt relaxed and maybe even drifted off in a light sleep which is always a good sign! On the day, I also had complimentary use of the Baglioni SPA Steam room facilities and Spa relaxation area and beverages.


This is something I always say and can’t emphasise the point even more, that as mothers, we play an important role within our families and communities that we live in. With our natural busy lifestyle, we sometimes neglect ourselves in order to take care of our little ones, our homes, our work etc… The list never ends…. We all have a busy work-life schedule and so sometimes we do not find THE TIME we need to look after ourselves and THIS TIME is something we all need  and deserve in order to be the good mothers we are for our children, partners and husbands. We need to take care of ourselves, our mind, body and soul as much as we can. When doing so, we do not need to feel guilty for doing just that. This can be booking in a spa treatment, going away for the weekend with some girlfriends or going to read a book at the local coffee shop or park. Whatever it is you choose, make THE TIME for YOU. I used to feel so guilty when I tried to get a bit of me time, but with a few years of being a Mother now, I learned that I truly needed this “me-time” to be a good mother for my kids. Who wants to see a grumpy Mum all the time? So make THE TIME, and make it count. You need it and most of all you deserve it. We should not just wait for Mother’s day to treat ourselves, we should celebrate Mother’s day everyday. Here is to motherhood, good health and happy moments.

Thank you Baglioni SPA for a great pampering experience and treat just in time for my Birthday. I highly recommend booking in for a treatment, you can view their website here with full description of the SPA treatments they offer.