Motherhood by Arnie Rozah Krogh

We were delighted to interview Arnie Rozah Krogh, a mother of 4, a global citizen, a motivational coach and holistic therapist, an entrepreneur, speaker and writer in progress. 

How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother of 4.
It’s not easy to juggle. Being a mother, or trying to be the best one for your children, is already a full time job. It’s an under-appreciated and unpaid job. And in striving to be a working mum, we cannot do it alone. My best help is really my husband. Without him, I can’t do as much of my life’s plans and be a better mum than I expected. Every year and with every child, my struggle gets harder as we have competing atttention in our life. So it’s very important that we have a very supportive partner and children.

What is your biggest achievements?

Oh boy.. A lot!! In life generally or as a mum? Or specifically as a woman? I celebrate many things I’ve done which many will consider crazy but what I’ll just say as pushing the envelope a little. From bearing and raising 4 children in multiple homes and countries, to building our own home from scratch almost, while pregnant (2x) which includes tiling and painting and carrying extremely heavy load all while running a therapy practice, overcoming loss of a child and post natal depression and suicidal thoughts and going through 4 days of labour with miracle baby no.4 and delivering her without epidural. And staying married to my husband despite earlier financial ruins which would have pushed many couples to divorce/separation. Maybe my biggest achievement is managing to always smile and stay positive despite setbacks in my life and seeing negative events around me.

What top tips would you give to any mum on starting her own business?

Trust your own instinct yet still get advice and have a coach and/or mentor. Someone who’s been there. Do not be afraid to do something beyond your comfort zone. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Support other mums on their own business journeys and hopefully the karma will come back to us. And get a good accountant! 😉

What is your top family recipe that everyone loves to eat?

Given that I love to cook (and it has rubbed off on the hubby too), and I insist on the children learning to ‘eat around the world’ there is no one specific recipe that stands out. The children all have their own favourites. The children generally love Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice served with roasted chicken, they love Teriyaki Salmon on baked rice, beef stroganoff and Shepard’s pie. One of their daddy’s master piece is roasted creamy chicken served on pasta. 

What is your favourite hang out in London with your children?

Considering that we have such a varied age group (from a teenager to a toddler) there is no one specific spot. But having to chose places that everyone can be happy generally, has to be both Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. We are a bit of a Science geek family. We also like Battersea Park. There is a nice large playground there with a mini golf place that also does nice hot chocolate.    

How do you define quality ‘me-time’?

When you’re a very very busy mum, me-time becomes a little harder to claw but it’s an integral part of being a good mum and woman. It can either be managing to read a magazine in peace with a cuppa or a salon trip to get that monthly mani-pedi. I certainly think of my nights out having a cocktail or two with other mums/female friends as my me time. A gossip here, a giggle there.. All important to remind us we’re more than just mums. 

What does motherhood represent to you?

Motherhood has turned me into a polished diamond. I didn’t know I could shine so bright just by wanting to help 4 children shine themselves. 

What do you love most about London?

Almost everything!! It reminds me of home! (Singapore) except it’s older being our colonial ex-master and therefore the Royal history is there. The similarity: the city that barely sleeps, very cosmopolitan, lots of international tourists, ahead in fashion and music and relatively very safe. Entertainment aplenty, you can never say you’re bored!

Where is your ideal family holiday and why?

We love beaches and underwater activity (snorkelling and diving) but not tanning really so anywhere with a nice beach where we can dive is great. We love South East Asia for this point yet we are a family who loves travelling and discovering new places. We love skiing and trekking as much as we love city sight seeing. We don’t want to stick to the same places if possible. The world is so beautiful and we’d like to see as much of it before we die. 

Given we are all about embracing our Motherhood journey what advice would you give a frist time Mum?

Trust yourself. Read all the books, talk to all girlfriends, listen to the experts then ultimately chose what works for you and your child. Every child/baby is different, even from the same womb! No one technique can work exactly the same with the other. Don’t be afraid of your own strengths. I didn’t believe I could breastfeed my 1st child for 2 years. I gave myself a 3 month goal and pushed the goal posts further 2-3 months the more confident I got. So same with motherhood. Don’t set an impossible long term goal. Set goals that are shorter and feels more acceptable. It’s ok if we fail at something. No one is perfect. Even those on social media who might make us feel otherwise have had their secret fails. Forgive ourselves and move on. And don’t forget that baby daddy needs attention too. Many a times, mums are so busy caring and paying attention to their new baby that her partner feels sidelined and unwanted. 

Motherhood is like a marathon. It’s a long journey. Some parts of the way, there’ll be people cheering us on, some parts there’ll hardly be anyone to see us struggle on and bleed in our shoes. Doesn’t matter. We know we want to reach the end. When our children make something of themselves in this world, that’s when we know we’ve reached the end and gotten our participation medals. We did it! 


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