Molly Brown Review

Kensington Mums was delighted to review mother and daughter matching bracelets from the Birthstone collection by Molly Brown London. I choose the turquoise one as that is my favourite colour and for mini me, the Diamond Birthstone Bracelet, just because its simple and stylish. The collection is normally categorised by birthday month, but we just went with the colours that we like best and best suits us.

Molly Brown  is the leading children’s jewellery brand in the UK. The collections are award winning, simple and yet sophisticated and the essence of the brand is that the jewellery can be loved and worn forever.  We love that! All pieces are fully adjustable, they will fit most ages and sizes and are designed to grow up with the girls.

We were told that the Birthstone collection is one of their best-selling because it appeals to such a wide age range and audience. I couldn’t agree more. Each bracelet comes in its own unique box and cute little bag for storage. The bag and the box are beautifully presented in pink, which is any girl’s favourite colour.

The collections are sterling silver with freshwater pearls and birthstones and all jewellery arrives with luxury gift wrap. The packaging was described as ‘Some of the best in the industry’ in the UK Jewellery awards in 2010 and in 2011, when Molly Brown was UK Jewellery Brand of the Year Finalist on both occasions and the collections won Best New Product of the Year Award at IJL in 2007.

The bracelets are fully adjustable and so they fit girls and mums, a perfect Mother Daughter gift. The bracelets are contemporary and stylish and as with all Molly Brown Jewellery,  designed to be loved and worn forever (we wear ours everyday). The collection features gemstones for every birthday month of the year.

When we asked the founder her inspiration behind her brand she said: “My daughter worked in South America for six months before starting university, she was a long way away and so I wanted her to have something from me that would keep us close and she would know I was with her no matter how far away she was. That was 5 years ago, and I can promise you that she has never taken it off, she’s wearing it today.  For me, that is why I set up Molly Brown, it is the essence of the brand. Jewellery is the most meaningful of our possessions, it holds your memories like no other gift. It helps us hold the people we love close to our hearts”.

Gift Bag


Diamond Birthstone Bracelet


Diamond and Turquoise Birthstone Bracelet


Something also good to know. Molly Brown offers a Free Engraving service and has a strong range of Personalised Jewellery.  Other major collections include, My First Diamond, My First Pearl, Fairy Wish and the Birthstone Collection. They also carry a beautiful collection of necklaces and earrings too.

Molly Brown is very much a gifting brand and its main markets are Christenings, Birthdays, Bridesmaids, Holy Communion and of course Christmas. Check out their website for the full collection.