Mindful Glitter Jars | Do it Yourself at Home

We were inspired by one of our Kensington Kids to make this calming mindful glitter jar to help with negative feelings or tantrums where a child may feel they need something to help them calm. The glitter can represent all our feelings and the children can have a visual way to see how the glitter representing their feelings may feel muddled up and then settle again.

What do you need ?

A journey to local arts and crafts centre for one and once there we purchased

  1. A glass Jar
  2. Glitter of your choice we chose purple and pink
  3. Clear glue alternatively you can use glitter glue
  4. Food colouring again your choice of colour we chose rose pink


  1. Add warm water to your jar until it reaches around a third of the way up.
  2. Stir the glitter and glue in a separate jar
  3. Pour it into the jar with warm water
  4. Add around 3 drops of food colouring and stir with a lollipop stick
  5. Top up yourjar with the rest of the warm water, until it is almost full.
  6. Glue around the lid
  7. Put the lid on
  8. Shake and calm
Benefits of a Mindfulness Jar
  • Help people calm down. If you are anxious, keep your eyes on the glitter and watch it slowly start to fall to the bottom of the jar.
  • Teach focusing skills.
  • Help regulate emotions.
  • Increase sensory awareness.
  • Increase self-awareness.