Milly Simmonds shares her postnatal secret to staying in shape

‘The Model Mama’ Milly Simmonds shares her postnatal secret to staying in shape

Today’s contributing article is by Peach, a new app to connect you with London best personal trainers. With summer around the corner, they share with us Milly Simmonds postnatal secret to get back into shape and ready for summer. Make sure you enter the competition to win free consultation and personal training session exclusively for Kensington Mums.

It takes a few attempts to get through to Milly Simmonds on the phone. She’s in Cornwall, juggling in-laws duty with a 7 month old baby, family walks and battling the famously unreliable Cornish reception. When we finally get to speak, she sounds as chirpy as ever, despite being surrounded by the background noise of her dog barking, baby crying, and family members chatting.

The British modelling sensation – who has appeared in campaigns for Rimmel and Burberry, and appeared in Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar, British Vogue and L’Officiel – has been wowing her social followers of late with shots of her enviable 6 months post-natal figure, seemingly appearing flat stomached almost immediately after images of her 9 month baby bump.

It turns out the secret is Peach, a new entry to the fitness app industry that provides you with the highest quality personal trainers on the go, wherever you are – whether that’s at home or in the park, without needing a gym membership.

It was founded by her long-time personal trainer Tim Hayes, who can lay claim to having had some of the most high-profile clients in the business; from English cricketeer Nick Compton, to Ronnie Wood and supermodel, Valerie van der Graaf.  “I tend to put on muscle quite easily”, Milly explains. “Tim had always helped me create the long, lean image favoured by model agencies with bodyweight workouts I could do on the go in my hotel room.”

With postnatal training, Milly required expert knowledge, as she knows full well it takes a specialist approach to not “bugger yourself up”. Enter Jo, an international master trainer who she found through the Peach app. She taught Milly a new way of approaching the typical postpartum ‘trouble areas’, with a “lengthening and stretching” approach via targeted bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere. Seven months after giving birth, Milly says she’s already “lost 3 inches – from literally all over. Without my personal trainer I probably would have been stuck doing endless sit-ups and not getting anywhere near the same level of progress”.

Her Peach personal trainer Jo is “really approachable, not intimidating at all” and very flexible in terms of time and location – a must have for a new mum. As Milly prefers to exercise outdoors, “we all go together to the park – baby, dog, boyfriend, me and the trainer. Sometimes she even holds the baby for me if she’s crying whilst I’m exercising”. At this point, boyfriend Matt interjects in the background to add that what he likes best about the Peach trainers is that they “really explain everything they’re doing in depth – it’s a very science-based approach”.  The pair have tried out and vetted a few Peach personal trainers now and are enthusiastic in their praise for each one.

Would Milly recommend Peach to any other mums wanting help getting fit post baby? “Absolutely – I’ve literally told everyone I know about it. All the models are signing up”.

Make sure you do not miss our competition with Peach, enter this today! You can contact them on 0203 189 1188 for a chat and more information.

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