Maternity Review: Seraphine

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and unique times in a woman’s life but as joyful as it can be, it can also be a challenging 9 months. A woman’s body transforms day after day with her not having much or any control over it. As fascinating as it is, it can also mean a struggle with the everyday things we once did without much thought, like getting dressed in the morning.

With my first pregnancy, I delivered in September which was great for the final trimester as the warm weather meant I could always wear flip flops and loose airy summery dresses.

This time round my due date is in December and I am dreading the cold in the final months of pregnancy. I remember feeling enormous by the 7th and 8th months the first time around and the idea of having to wrap up in ‘layers’ on top of the bump was daunting.

But all my fears disappeared when I realised that with the right help and the right outfits, no matter how big the bump is… you can feel absolutely great up until the last days of your pregnancy journey.

I have Seraphine to thank for this.

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During the past few months I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Seraphine. They followed me from head office, helping me choose outfits for special occasions as well as helping me with a more everyday ‘on the go’ mummy look.  Cecile Reinaud, founder and designer of Seraphine, gave me some great advice and together we picked some of the best pieces the collection has to offer.


I visited the store on the buzzing streets of High Street Kensington several times, and I must say that the girls there are just the kind of sales assistant a pregnant woman needs; professional, understanding, honest, kind, and very helpful.

I had a few special occasions coming up and I really didn’t know where to start with what to wear. But Seraphine has it all; from the casual comfy everyday outfits for cold days in the park playing with my son, a smart option for a birthday lunch celebration, casual dress for an all day event standing and running around and a whole LUXE collection for black tie events.

I am always quite picky with the type of fabric my clothes are made from but during pregnancy I am even more so. I was so happy to see that all material used for Seraphine clothes are of the highest quality, which for me was very important.  The feel on my skin and bump was confortable; the fabric wrapped my belly in the best way, giving the right stretch and without losing shape.

Another thing, which can also be a worry, is the cost of maternity clothes. Whether you want to or not during the 9 months of pregnancy one has to invest in a new wardrobe and a selection of clothes we worry we might never have to use again. I was happy to learn that not only is Seraphine clothing affordable for its quality and beauty but it is great to know that those same outfits would fit wonderfully even without a bump. In fact, all the girls working in store wore Seraphine maternity outfits without being pregnant.

I hope you enjoy my outfits of the day I have picked which are are my favourite pregnancy outfits.

1) The LOVE T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 23.32.12

Kensington Mums were proud to wear and share the Seraphine Love T- shirt for Tommy’s funding research saving babies lives. The t-shirt is so comfortable and the message on it ‘you + me = US’ is just too sweet. I have used this more than anything else I have in my wardrobe and know its going to be one of those outfits that I will wear for many years to come, with or without the bump.

The campaign is to help raise awareness and raise money for Tommy’s. Their aim is to save babies by preventing early miscarriage. I think this is such a strong and important cause – please support by buying a T-shirt  – all profit goes directly to Tommy’s and sharing a selfie wearing the t-shirt & Serpahine will add an extra £1 to your donation.

2) Almond Cable Knit Cape Maternity Jumper 


This knitwear jumper has been one of my favourite picks since the first crispy autumn days. It is the type of jumper you can dress up with a pair of skinny black jeans and heels or use with leggings and flat boots for a play date with your little one in the park. Whatever the occasion it is a very comfortable jumper to have and the fact that it works as a cape means your belly has plenty of space to grow into.I enjoyed it in September and am still wearing it now 1 week till my due date and the look is still great.


3) Black Silk and Lace Maternity Evening Gown


Wearing this dress made me feel like a princess. I never thought I could feel this great at a black tie dinner party event carrying such a big belly. The gown is absolutely stunning with lace at the top and long silk gown all the way to the floor. I wore the full black version but the dress comes also in navy and a white bridal version too. That’s definitely a night I will not forget.




4 ) Black and Grey Empire Line Pleated Dress


This dress is a ‘must have’ in your wardrobe during pregnancy. Grey and Black, two colours that marry perfectly and just an incredibly comfortable dress. I have worn this for a night out in heels as well as our more recent Kensington Mums Christmas family fair with flat shoes and a Santa Belt to give it a Christmas look. For the fair I stood all day and run round and couldn’t have been more comfortable wearing anything else.

5) Twilight Sheer Flutter Nursing Top

With my partner in crime, Dina Maktabi (Founder of

Picture credit: Naomi Gabrielle Photography

For Kensington Mums turns 4 dinner party I wanted to be smart but at the same time comfortable, so I opted for a more Smart Casual look with skinny jeans, a smart top and a blazer. Seraphine had just what I was looking for in the Twilight sheer flutter-nursing top; it was just perfect. It has a stretch jersey fabric bottom layer, which embraced my belly with a sheer overlay skim covering my arms and half the bump, which added elegance to the outfit. I absolutely loved the colour and look forward to wearing this top without the bump as well.

All in all I couldn’t have been happier with the whole Seraphine experience. Shopping at the shop was great, I went several times and the girls have always been incredibly helpful. I also went with my two year old son who can at times be a little loud but they never made me or us feel uncomfortable. I look forward to wearing Seraphine even after my baby has arrived.

Thank you to all the Seraphine team for making my pregnancy journey easier than I was expecting and for making me look and feel good during event even when I thought it was not possible.