Kensington Mums to review the Kensington SafeGrip

Kensington Mums have collaborated with Kensington SafeGrip to give 10 lucky Kensington Mums a Kensington SafeGrip to review.


All you need to do is email us and let us know why you think you should win and how your life would be without the use of technology. Please email us at [email protected] with subject heading ‘Kensington SafeGrip’.

Deadline for submission is Thursday 14th of August and the winners will be selected on Friday 15th August 2014 at random and contacted via email to collect their Kensington SafeGrip. You must also let us know if you have a iPad, iPad mini, or iPad air so we know which one we will be sending you. Only 1 iPad cover allowed per Mum.

You must be registered with us to enter.

The review would include a video review within 1 week of trialling it out. Review must be received by 22nd August 2014.

– 30 seconds minimum duration.

– Completed and signed consent form which will be emailed to you

– We ask you to please include your thoughts on the product from a parent perspective. Did it help you worry less about damage to your iPad? Does your child/children
like it? If so, what do they like most about it?

Why use Kensington SafeGrip to protect your iPad?

Technology now has the potential to play a huge part in the lives of many children, not just for entertainment purposes, but for educational too. The iPad ticks both of these boxes. Although nothing can replace the time you spend with your children, they are naturally fascinated by them.

The Apple product means children now have the freedom to discover so much more than they could even 5 or 10 years ago. However, the delicate nature of the iPad was not designed for small and often clumsy hands, which means accidents can happen. Where a Barbie doll with its head pulled off or a book with a page falling out is easily remedied, the cost of replacing precious technology like the iPad can be much more expensive.

This is where the Kensington SafeGrip can help.

Parents are understandably reluctant to let their children play with their brand new iPad that has cost them hundreds of pounds, but the tough, padded protection of the SafeGrip gives children the opportunity to interact with them, meaning a short game won’t result in a cracked screen. Enabling them to use the iPad in exactly the same way they would normally, the robust nature of the SafeGrip means your valuable iPad will come back to you in one piece.

But what else is good about it? Children love having a bit of added responsibility and the SafeGrip’s strong handle allows them to carry it around with them wherever they go. And the best news for parents is when an accident does happen; dropping it or banging it into a doorframe is not going to damage the iPad inside. The handle is not just about improved grip and protection though. It can also be used as a two-position stand so children can practice their typing skills or simply sit back and watch their favourite film.

Whether it’s a long car journey or a picnic in the park, the iPad often comes along too. Being away from home though means there is always the added risk of it getting dropped or getting sticky finger marks all over it. Luckily, the SafeGrip is just as effective outside as it is inside the home. It comes with a screen protector – so no amount of chocolate-covered hands will smudge the iPad screen.

Many children (and adults) find using a stylus helps with accuracy when using their iPad, while it also means you don’t have to touch the screen as often. But let a child have it for any length of time, and there’s a good chance of it being hidden somewhere around the house. The SafeGrip has a holder to keep the stylus in place when not in use, meaning it’s more likely to be there next time you’d like to use it.

For anyone concerned about letting their child loose on their iPad, the SafeGrip is a good investment. Providing robust protection, parents no longer have to worry about bumps, scratches and breakages – and with a few different colours to choose from, kids will love it too.

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