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This week’s featured post is by Ivy Russell Tutors who are also sponsors of our second family Christmas Fair in Kensington, save the date for 27th of November 2016.


Our tutors at Ivy Russell Education have been supporting personal and academic progress across the world since 2012.

Our foremost priority is to ensure that our tutors take on the role of “mentor”. That is, when we send our tutors around the world it is not only to simply support academic progress; instead, we believe that the story is much more prodigious.

Having personally tutored extensively both within London and internationally, I have experienced first-hand that a tutor’s role necessitated much more than intellectual rigour. Opening books at page 4 and diving straight into the curriculum-defined problem seldom worked in the long-term. My students responded much better to me as an educator after sharing my own experiences, be those successes or failures. Augmented by an unintimidating differential in age, my students soon began to realise that they could discuss their strengths and weaknesses with me – not simply as another domineering educator, but as a peer and an equal.

It is exactly this ethos that runs through the heart of Ivy Russell. We want our students to leave our tutorials more confident than beforehand. We want them to believe that they can solve problems themselves, without the dependency of an intellectual crutch. Our tutors are facilitators of success; unlocking understanding that gives students the confidence to grow academically and personally.

Our inspirational team of tutors support students aged 7-18. This may include school entrance exam preparation (7-10+, 11+, 13+), scholarship exam preparation, specific subject support for internal and external exams and specific SEN support requirements. We welcome all requests throughout the year, not just around exam time!


If you are looking for an inspiring tutor, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact: Chris Kneale-Jones / [email protected]

Tel: +44 203 633 2016

London, Oxford and International

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