How to Handle a Loft Conversion with Kids

Loft conversions and kids

Having major building work carried out in your home can be particularly stressful when you have young children. Building work means you have to be extra vigilant, but there’s other issues too – who wants to find little sawdust footprints all over their living room carpet?

Fortunately, a loft conversion can be easier to manage than other types of building works, simply because the work is mostly confined to a space you’re not currently making use of. Nevertheless, it can still be a challenge to live through. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe and happy throughout the process.


  1. Restrict access to the worksite

If you can, use child gates to prevent your kids reaching the worksite unsupervised. As a new loft almost always involves replacing or installing a staircase on the floor below the loft, this won’t always be possible. If the stairs are already in place though, it’s much easier to prevent access to the top. You should also make it as clear as possible to your kids that the areas which are being built are off-limits.

  1. Pick the right tradesmen

Communication is vital. Knowing when there’s going to be a lot of noise, dust or paint fumes is really important so that you can make adjustments and minimise the impact on your children. You can ask your build team to take lunch breaks at the time when your kids usually nap, for example. If there’s going to be a particularly tough period, it might be best to take them out of the house for a while, or get them to stay with friends or family. Be sure to read reviews and ask around when choosing builders to ensure you get a team who are tidy and stow away any potentially dangerous items when they leave the site.

  1. Beware of dust and fumes

Some parts of the build process create more dust than others. Ensure you keep this in mind, especially if your children have asthma or allergies. Keep the house as ventilated as possible.

Are there any alternatives to months of mess and dust?

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