Hoop ­ What’s on for your kids?

London’s packed with great things to do with your kids ­ interesting exhibitions, creative workshops, playful baby and toddler groups, fun shows and happy singalong classes… there’s endless choice. Finding them all though can be difficult.

You can spend ages Googling around, trying to navigate broken council websites or just remember that workshop your friends child loves to do.

Hoop makes is easy. Download the free Hoop app (iPhone and Android) and you’ll instantly find all the best things to do with kids across London.

Hoop’s been carefully made with families in mind. The Hoop team have spoken to hundreds of families to understand the information and things they need to help them uncover the great events that London has to offer. You can tell Hoop how old your kids are, when you want to do something and how far you’re willing to travel to get recommendations that are just right for your family.

The attention to detail and care put into every event and activity on Hoop means you’ll never see something that’s unsuitable for your kids. You’ll no longer see an arts and craft class recommend for ‘all ages’ that is actually only appropriate for bigger kids or a sing a long class that would actually bore older kids. Every event has specific age recommendations you can trust.

Hoop’s secret is their team of mums and dads who stay on top of all the event and activities across London, working around the clock to keep everything up to date. Hoop’s got over fourteen thousand family­friendly listings for this month alone!

Navigating Hoop is easy. Set which part of London you want to explore, enter the date and when you want to do something and you’ll see a personalised list of events. Events are all ordered by time so it’s really easy to plan your day.

If you want to plan further, one click and you can filter your results by distance to see things happening near you or even select things going on that are free. Nearly a quarter of the things happening on Hoop are completely free to take part so there’s no excuse not to get out the house with the kids.