Guest post – How to loose baby fat?

Ex-Olympic Athlete Linda give Kensington Mums great tips on loosing that baby fat and getting back into shape!

How to get fit, lose weight and flatten your tummy fat?


Yes, ladies that is a  million dollar question! Understanding the secret of losing belly fat is the first step to achieving a lean and defined abdomen. All the stomach exercises in the world will not make your stomach flat if you do not burn the fat off first.Forget about endless sit-ups, start using your whole body to burn that fat off.

Many people accumulate some belly fat, especially after having children. This tummy fat is often called baby fat, and losing it can be very difficult for some people. The quickest way to lose belly fat is to combine exercise with a good diet. Avoid carbohydrates and refined sugars. Aim to exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes, although it would be best to work out 5 times per week. This maybe hard when you have a little one to take care of, but short excercies will pay off on the long term.

You must ensure that all of your exercise workouts are intensive. If you are not sweating and panting after 5 minutes then you are not working hard enough!

Weight training is an excellent way to burn off tummy fat and boost your metabolism, and it is certainly not just for men, don’t be scared off by using weights, either lifting obstacles at home or purchase some weights to use at home. By coming along to our Kensington Mums Bootcamp class or hiring a Personal Trainer from Scandinavian Fitness you will learn how to perform exercises that actually WORKS to tone up your body and burn off the belly fat fast in an effective way.

Dina founder of Kensington Mums has tried and tested the classes herself and here is what she has to say: ‘Linda’s Bootcamp classes are a must for Mums who want to try and get back into shape. For someone like me who never liked working out at the gym, I was really not looking forwards to my first bootcamp experience. But after the first class, I was addicted. It was good, painful but enjoyable and the music kind of made it somehow easier. Team spirit was great which is exactly what I needed to get motivated !’.

Want to get a cheeky start?

Try out this workout routine for a week (at home or in your gym):

Monday: Intensive Cardio Routine: Go out for a 30 min run or use a Cross Trainer, Exercise Bike or Rowing Machine.

Tuesday: Weight Training. Perform Squats, Dead lifts, Shoulder presses, Dips and Tricep extensions and crunches/planks.

Wednesday: Gentle exercise such as yoga, swimming or Pilates, for toning and stretching.

Thursday: Intensive Cardio Routine again

Friday: Have a Rest

Saturday: Weight Training. Perform Press ups, Vertical rows, Dumbbell curls, jumping exercises such as Start Jumps, Squat Jumps and crunches/planks.

Sunday: Have a Rest and be proud of yourself for working so hard.

Or why not just come along to the first Kensington Mums Bootcamp session on Saturday 29th September in Holland Park at 11am-12pm (meeting near the cricket ground/tennis court). £10



I look forward to meet you ladies very soon.

Linda Hedenstrom

This information has been provided by former Olympic Athlete Linda Hedenstrom. Scandinavian Fitness will help you to get Fit, keep a healthy diet and tone up, all in a simple way that works for lifelong results. For more information please visit: