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Hello lovely KM readers,


I hope you are all doing well. Today we have a guest post from Maria who is a member of Kensington Mums. I met Maria at the last Kensington Mums Night Out and she was telling me how her little one was nappy free when she was only 13 months old. Just to say the least I was amazed!


In this guest post, she shares her story with Kensington Mums.


EC – nappy free baby  – Elimination Communication


I heard of elimination communication through a friend, who at the time, was working closely with native Indian communities in Latin America. “Its simple, here is a book”, she said and left.  By the time Emma turned 4 months old I had had the chance to skim through the book and had joined an Elimination Communication (EC) support group online.


The first thing I must say about EC is that it’s not a toilet training method. It’s not easy either and requires a lot of patience.  Why on earth did we decide to take this path? I have to say that it’s extremely satisfactory to be able to understand your baby’s needs and to help them have a more confortable life.


It also helped our sense of smell, since we almost never changed a dirty nappy and we felt we where doing something better for the environment. Also we saved a few pounds in nappies because, by the time she was 20 months old, Emma was nappy free both day and night. This doesn’t mean that we never ever had accidents.We still have them sometimes.


What is it?


To put it in a nutshell, EC emphasizes on communication between you and your child, helping you both to become more familiar to your child’s innate rhythms and control of his/hers bowel movements.


How we did it


The book said we should use a cue sound every time we noticed our baby was making a pee or a poo and then it’s easier for them to associate the act with the sound.

We used ‘piiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ and ‘pooooooooo’.  We started by making the sounds since she was 4 months old, when she was ready to hold her head upright we started to offer her the toilet at a regular times during the day and making the sound. After a short while she started to respond to the sound by using the toilet or the potty.


By the time she was 7 months old, we where having short periods of nappy free time. At the end of my daughter’s first year of life we went on holiday to a beach location and she was nappy free most of the time. Every time she had an accident, we gently talked to her about it and took her to the toilet or offered her the potty.


In those nappy free times we where able to recognise Emma’s innate rhythms and she was able to let us know when she needed the toilet by making the cue sound.


She joined nursery when she was 13 months old.  After a couple of months, her keyworker started to notice that her nappy was always dry and clean and she told me: “I think she’s ready to stop wearing nappies” and that is how we knew she was ready.

“Its simple, here is a book”.



Maria Paula Muñoz is the creator of El-taller workshops. With a background in literature and journalism, she decided to commit her life to children and education. Now she’s a Spanish teacher for children and adults and also runs workshops to promote happiness and wellbeing.