The Gift of Lasting Memories

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is…”


Beautiful photographs hold a key to some of our most precious memories and can transport us back to a place, a person, a feeling.

Our children are the biggest gift we will ever receive. They bring so much love and happiness – more than we ever imagined that we can feel and experience! And from the moment they arrive, as a parent, there is nothing you wouldn’t possibly do to keep them happy and healthy and safe.

As a parent, you want to take in every moment, every little wink, and yawn, and cuddle, and smile. Memorise the best you can, how their little hairs curled up at the back of their fragile necks, how they sucked on their tiny fingers and the pout they made when they were starting to get peckish again.

A million little things that you want to treasure forever! In today’s rushed world, it is all too possible – even with the best of intentions – to let time slip, and before you know it, the chance to create memorable photographs of the special time in your life may have passed.

There is nothing more that I enjoy, than photographing families and giving them beautiful moments in time with their little darlings. I love bringing out the sweetest smiles in little people and creating wonderful portraits that families and their loved ones will treasure for years to come.

And as the little ones grow up, the photographs of them and their loving parents will be some of their most treasured possessions – cherished gifts of their lasting memories with you, their parents!

Can you even imagine what the grandparents would have to say about the gorgeous photographs of their beloved grandbabies! Just picture them spending hours marvelling at the meaningful photographs, proudly showing them off each time a peer comes over for tea and biscuits.

A newborn, baby or family photo shoot is something every family deserves to treat themselves to! It is a chance for mum and dad to step out from behind the (iPhone) camera. All too often parents are so enamoured with their little ones, capturing every sweet detail – that they miss out on being in the shot themselves. I am here to change that!

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Diana is a newborn and baby photographer based in Chelsea, London. You can visit to explore more of her work, email her at [email protected] or call 07513344088.

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