Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure


A Kensington Mums recently won tickets to watch Disney on Ice: Passport to adventure and she shares with us her review on her family day out in London.

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure, is an adventure like no other for the entire family, it is suitable for kids of all ages, as well as parents and grandparents, in case there are some available and parents can have quiet night in or a crazy night out, whichever you are in the mood for. We started our day like any other, but were we in for a surprise in so many ways.

I will start from the very beginning, first it is located in the O2 Arena, that was also a first for us since we had never been there. It is very easy to arrive, you can do so by car or public transportation, we used the Jubilee line to get there.

When you first reach the arena you are welcomed by beautiful sights everywhere, beautiful decorations, trees filled with lights, people climbing and all sorts of fun. The arena on the inside also offers many restaurants where you can eat before or after the show.


Be sure to arrive on time as to be able to enjoy every little detail, and to show everything to your little one, before entering the arena you have a little shop outside filled with Disney souvenirs and gifts! Beware everything is pretty pricey!

When finally entering, you are greeted by the most helpful and cheerful staff you will ever meet, they are super sweet with the little ones and never miss a chance to make parents laugh. You pass through security doors, that’s a plus which makes you feel safe and secure inside.

Depending on the location of your seats you are guided through stairs or lifts to your closest location, when inside the show you are guided again by staff members in every door, indicating where you are seated, if you have buggys or prams they ask you to take them to a door further away as to not block the entrance in case of an emergency.

For those of you, who like me was their first time attending Disney on Ice, first of all, it’s a must in everyone’s lifetime, second it consists on recreating Disney movies on ice, it starts with The Lion King, taking you along for the journey it is beautiful, you get to experience the same emotions as in the original movie or the play but in a shorter period of time. Next comes Peter Pan, same as the Lion King, you have the original cast for each movie, they all do musicals and act impressively.

Second star to the right!

The mini shows are about 30 to 45 minutes in length, and intermission serves as the perfect time to stretch your legs in between them. And for those with little ones or hungry ones its an opportunity to do all those things, as well as to explore with your mini shopaholics the stores outside filled with Disney gifts.



If you are like me, most outings with kids and hungry husbands are planned accordingly to food, is it tiny human approved, is it yummy, etc., let me tell you every member of my family was more than pleased with all the selections you have, from popcorn and shaved rainbow ice, to chicken tenders and the most delicious vanilla and hot fudge ice cream, it even has Oreos! It is simply amazing, the quality of the food is really good, and the prices were mid range to high.

Most of the food and snacks comes with glasses to take home from Disney, like Frozen, Olaf and the Little Mermaid .

And as they always say, they saved the best for last, The Little Mermaid is the opening act for the second half, it is one of my favorites I loved all the happy and vibrant colors and the songs of course they are all time favorites!

For the final and I think favorite for everyone is Frozen, it is the longest of the four acts, and everything is above and beyond, the actors, the costumes, the songs, the stage, and the special effects are just the best and most beautiful.

The stage transforms each scene into something magical more words can describe. The people love the act, and I think unbelievable as it may seem, the most loved character of all is Olaf, as soon as he comes on stage people cheer so loud! It is an experience beyond belief. I totally recommend for everyone who has kids and loves Disney and their movies, you won’t be bored for a second.

For more information on Disney on Ice please check their website.