Christmas Grotto only at Shrek’s Adventure! London

Kensington Mums had lots of fun when visiting Santa’s grotto at Shrek’s Adventure! London.

Jingle Bells, Ogre Smells… Santa’s landed in the swamp. This December bring your kids to an experience they’ll never forget , a s they enter a brand new magical Christmas Grotto only at DreamWorks Tours : Shrek’s Adventure! London.

We attended the press event which was held a few days ago. This unique Shrektactular themed Christmas Grotto brings the festive season to life in the heart of Far Far Away!

Santa has crash landed in Shrek’s swamp but before he heads off to spread the joy on the 24 th December – he has a Shrektastic gift for those coming to visit.

Children and their families will be guided by joyfoul elfs to the grotto. Santa’s little helpers will keep you entertained during your wait, asking children questions about themselves, and checking of course if they’ve been good. To the children’s delight, one of the elves even sang Chrismas-themed rap songs while playing with a yoyo, everyone will be quite impressed.

The grotto at Shrek’s Adventure! London gives your little ones the chance to meet two much loved characters all in one place! Guests will head on a magical, madcap experience through Far Far Away which ends with the chance to meet Shrek , before heading into the Grotto to meet the man himself… Santa!

In case you are planning to go, this is what we have to say. There is a buggy park at Shrek’s Adventure, provided on the 1st floor. Please note that if you’re coming with young children, they will have to walk / be carried to the Grotto as the space is too narrow to allow prams.

What we liked the most was the quirky and full of fun and colours decors. The music playing before entering the room with the grotto is also very entertaining and we have time to take pictures with the little ones while we wait, which makes things easier.

What we liked the least was that the rooms tend to be a little dark, and if the wait is long, it can be a bit hard on the eyes, for those who like light.
Apart from that little detail, there was nothing to dislike as the experience was well organised and we didn’t have to wait for too long, but during busy periods, parents might want to bring little toys so that children can play while they wait.

Tickets for the grotto are only £4.70 advanced online and £5 on the day and must be purchased with a ticket to Shrek’s Adventure! London – where they will enjoy an amazing animation, a magical 4 – D bus experience , captivating story – telling and a good dose of Donkey’s cheekines s awaits. Pre -booking is essential for the Christmas period as this is a magical combination not to be missed

Regular tickets to Shrek’s Adventure can be found here.