Christmas gifts for kids: Ideas and advice from SalesGossip

With the holidays fast approaching, our friends over from SalesGossip are providing us with a gift guide for kids.

Bells are ringing, the trees and decorations are up but Christmas means gift giving and we all know Santa isn’t the only gift giver! Whether you’re buying for your own little bundle of joy or choosing something for a new-mum friend, advice is always welcome. We’re here to offer gift ideas for the very best dressed babies…


Christmas-themed clothes

Let’s be honest, what’s cuter than a little baby decked out in Christmas clothes? Christmas jumpers are cosy, festive, and absolutely gorgeous – we’ve seen some great ones at Debenhams. Of course, this season is all about yummy treats and goodies, so to keep those Christmas jumpers clean, we suggest Matalan Christmas bibs – always a useful and a must-have to avoid Christmas treats ruining outfits. Snowman and reindeer tights from H&M are also a great option.


Gifts to keep them warm 

Lucky for Kensington Mums, the Royal Parks are close by but with the winter weather setting in, babies need some layering while they’re outdoors. Boden’s lamb wool hat & mittens make for great little gifts of warmth. With comfy cardigans from Alex and Alexa or a faux fur gilet from F&F, babies can be layered and protected from the elements while still looking adorable.

First Christmases 

For newborns, it’s a baby’s first Christmas! Shop Boden for little printed pyjamas and J.Crew for the finest baby footsies to keep their little toes nice and toasty. Mothercare can personalise items for your little one’s first Christmas to make the most thoughtful gifts.


Happy shopping, and happy gift-giving! 


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