Chickenshed’s Rapunzel Review

Rapunzel as you’ve never seen her before!

“A New Musical Rapunzel” is an outstanding performance by very diverse and inclusive cast of children of different ages, from young kids to young adults. Mysterious, romantic and life-affirming, this is a dramatic re-telling of a story you thought you knew!
Traditional story, with its own creative twist and added scenes that broaden up your imagination beyond the story from the book and make it into a modern musical. The story is about the Girl Hazel, looking after 6 children. While reading them a story they all fell asleep and transported into a magical dream of an enchanted Woodlands and Underground Caves, where they have to find and rescue the Rapunzel ( Hazel ). The story has no Prince but it doesn’t mean that there is no True Love part in it. However, there are new characters who bring sweet sense of humour and play great part of the production.
The main roles are played by very talented cast members with great voices but quite literally, every part , however big or small, played with so much passion and talent. The live band, at the back Stage, not to be missed, the music they produce is absolutely wonderful.
The Musical is very inclusive, showing and giving great opportunities to the kids with various abilities and various skills. It has sign language interpreters throughout the performance, which feels very much integrated and is a big part of the play. All the cast make it up to a very organic natural performance with a simple yet very important message for Peace, Acceptance and Believe. Our kids, when asked “What was your favourite part and favourite character?” replied : “Everything and everyone!”
The Theatre is a very short walk from the Cockfosters Station ( Piccadilly Line ), possibly a long journey from Kensington but well worth it. Chickenshed Rayne Theatre has a very cosy cafe area with great selection of snacks, drinks and hot food too, all very well priced.
The Theatre itself has a good atmosphere with large and comfortable auditorium, has an easy access for the families with small children/prams and wheelchairs users, very tidy bathrooms and baby changing room.
Kensington Mums rating is 4 and a half stars; it’s not your average West End musical but nevertheless very much worth seeing one.
Enjoy the most exciting, entertaining, humorous and compelling show on the theatre stage during this festive season.
For more information, do check their website.